Podcasts for Older Adults: The Golden Age of Audio


Today’s older adults are increasingly tech-savvy, comfortably navigating through iPads, smartphones, and various other devices to remain connected. Tablets, often recommended for seniors, are not only tools for keeping in touch with loved ones, enjoying e-books, or explore audiobooks, they are also great for listening to podcasts.

Easy to use and accessible, listening to a podcast can be much more than just pure entertainment. Podcasts are also a great way for older adults to engage with the world around them, to hear new perspectives, delve into interests, and keep learning throughout the years.

Podcasts Are Like Radio but On the Internet

While radio continues to draw a lot of listeners, here’s why older adults should consider podcasts: A podcast is like a pre-recorded radio show. Available on demand, many are free or paid from through ads. And there are a lot of podcasts. Want to hear about knitting? A search will get you dozens of podcasts, from Yarniacs  to Knitting Pipeline and Two Ewes Fiber Adventures.

Covering everything from gardening, music history, sports, news, and more, you’re bound to find your new favourite show. The active senior can even listen to a podcast while going for a walk, gardening, or working out.

As we head towards the winter months and spend more time indoors, you may want to bookmark a few of these programs!

16 Best Podcasts for Seniors Living in Canada

Canada is not just the land of scenic beauty, hockey, and maple syrup; it is also a treasure trove of diverse, captivating, and educational podcasts. For seniors looking to be entertained, informed, or inspired, the Canadian podcast scene offers an abundance of choices. Here are some of the best podcasts tailored to the interests and experiences of seniors living in Canada.

1. The Retirement Wisdom Podcast

This isn’t your usual retirement talk. The Retirement Wisdom Podcast focuses on the non-financial side of retirement. Guests from various fields discuss topics like pursuing passions post-retirement, staying connected with the community, or the challenges and opportunities that come with this life phase. It’s especially insightful for Canadian seniors transitioning to or navigating their retirement years.

2. The Canadian History Ehx

An deep dive into Canada’s vast history, this podcast is both entertaining and educational. It covers everything from famous figures to obscure tales that never made it into the textbooks. For seniors who lived through significant events or periods, it’s a nostalgic journey back in time. For those who simply love history, it’s a detailed and fun lesson on what makes Canada, well, Canada.

3. Vinyl Cafe Stories from CBC Radio

Although the beloved Stuart McLean passed away in 2017, his stories remain timeless. The Vinyl Café was more than just a show; it was a window into the quirks, joys, and sorrows of everyday Canadian life. Seniors can reminisce with Dave, Morley, and the various characters from the fictional town, while also introducing them to younger generations. New to podcasts? The website lists are multiple ways to listen to this iconic podcast.

4. All Things Seniors: A Podcast For Caregivers

Focused on senior living, this podcast offers insights, advice, and firsthand experiences related to caregiving and moving into older age. Topics range from caring for loved ones with dementia, to technology, to navigating the Canadian healthcare system. Each episode of All Things Seniors strives to keep Canadian caregivers and their loved ones informed and engaged.

5. Ideas from CBC Radio

Deep dives into contemporary and historical issues, ‘Ideas’ is for those who love to think deeply and critically. Topics range from philosophy and science to culture and the arts. For seniors with a passion for lifelong learning, this podcast is a gold mine.

6. The Big Story

Like to keep abreast with current affairs? The Big Story breaks down one big news story each day. It is concise, yet thorough, and offers a clear understanding of significant events shaping Canada and the world.

7. The Local Gardener

For those with green thumbs, this podcast dives into the world of gardening. From Alberta to New Brunswick, episodes feature guests and discuss gardening in various Canadian climates. It’s both a practical guide and a soothing listen for plant lovers.

8. One Great History

An award-winning podcast about the great (and not so great) history of Winnipeg, Manitoba. One Great History will have history buffs on the edge of their seats. Want to learn more about other areas of Canada?  You can find a list the Top 40 Canadian History Podcasts here.

9. Go-To Grandma

Kathy Buckworth hosts a half hour of information and fun for today’s grandparents. From tech to travel, food and fitness, and all things grandparent related, guest experts and notable grandparents stop by.

10. Ted Talks

Every weekday, Ted Talks puts their latest talks in podcast format so that subscribers can listen on the go. With over 2,800 talks, seniors can hear ideas on nearly every subject imaginable – from AI to zoology, Ted Talks brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to create an inspiring space in podcasts.

11. Freakonomics Radio

While not Canadian,  Freakonomics Radio is a top-rated podcast for seniors, which bears the name of the book on which it is based. The podcast can help people understand basic economic principles and how it fits into nearly every aspect of their life – from pop culture to retirement.

12. Stuff You Missed in History Class

The title really describes this podcast well. Based on the premise that we miss the social, cultural, and political importance of historical events in school history classes, Stuff You Missed in History Class strives to fill in the spaces left behind by most general history classes. The podcast covers a range of topics including obscure royalty, historical animals, cooking , and even the beginning of the Hawaiian pineapple trade.

13. Good Job, Brain!

This is a great podcast for all trivia buffs! An interactive quiz show, Good Job, Brain showcases random and strange trivia facts on a wide range of topics. This is a great activity to do with family and friends and a great way to exercise your brain. With more than 190 episodes already aired, you won’t run out of trivia anytime soon!

14. Relic Radio

Classic entertainment from radio’s golden age. Relic Radio features eight podcasts offering old time radio from a number of genres. With comedy, thrillers, and strange tales you’ll be transported to the Golden Age of Radio in no time.

15. Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations, created and hosted by psychotherapist Tara Brach, walks the listener through calm discussions of body and mind. The brief episodes, lasting between 9 and 25 minutes can help the listener deal with life’s stresses or de-stress after a long day.

16. The Art of Manliness Podcast

Hosted by Brett McKay, this is one of the top podcast in the world. It dives into topics related to personal development, history, philosophy, and various skills that harken back to a “classic” understanding of manhood. With interviews from experts in various fields, episodes explore everything from history lessons to practical advice on old-time skills, relationships, and personal growth. The mix of traditional and modern perspectives on manliness might resonate well with older gentlemen who appreciate both timeless wisdom and contemporary insights.

How Do You Listen to Podcasts?

If you have a smartphone or tablet, an app can help you listen and keep you up to date on your desired shows. Most tech devices have a podcast app pre-installed, but this isn’t your only option. You can easily listen to shows from your phone’s web browser.

If you aren’t tech-savvy, ask someone to help you download a listening app and create playlists based on your interests. To make things easier, have them set up home screen shortcuts and ensure that unnecessary apps or features are hidden or removed. A comfortable pair of headphones makes a good birthday or holiday gift (hint hint).

For seniors with mobility or dexterity challenges, voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa can be invaluable. Simple voice commands can play your favorite podcasts.

Many senior living centres have intergenerational programming like Tech Tuesdays. These sessions are beneficial as younger individuals often have the knowledge and ability to guide older adults. Also, learning in a group is a fantastic way to socialize and exchange great podcast finds!

Podcasts and Older Adults: Reduce Isolation, Improve Health

Yes, there are health benefits to listening to podcasts!

Research suggests that engaging in auditory activities like listening to podcasts can provide several health benefits for the elderly. Listening to podcasts can stimulate cognitive functions, aiding in memory retention and mental agility. It also offers an avenue for lifelong learning, which has been linked to reduced risks of cognitive decline and dementia.

In summary, here are some reasons why you should consider listening to podcasts:

  • Entertainment and enjoyment
  • Flexibility and accessibility
  • Keeping informed
  • Learning and education
  • Social connection

Additionally, certain podcasts that provide relaxation techniques, music, or meditative practices can also assist in stress reduction and mental health support.

All Seniors Care retirement residences can be a great place to learn how to use the latest technology, socialize, and discuss your favourite podcasts with friends during a meal in our well-appointed dining rooms or over cocktails during happy hour.

Our residences also boast tons of events and activities you can enjoy. To find out more, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn to keep up to date on all the exciting happenings at All Seniors Care Living Centres. There’s always something exciting going on at our retirement homes in Ontario or assisted living in Winnipeg .



Writer  – Julianna McLeod

Julianna is a health and wellness expert at All Seniors Care. Her mission is to create content that empowers seniors to form sustainable solutions for lasting health and happiness. She is an experienced writer, editor, and Recreational Therapist living in Toronto.




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