Ottawa Retirement Residences

Retirement Residences in Ottawa

A vibrant capital city filled with history, Ottawa offers older adults the perfect blend of cultural richness, world-class museums, serene parks, and top-tier healthcare facilities. Its safety, accessibility, and a wealth of community activities make it an attractive location for retirees seeking a balance of urban sophistication and natural beauty. It’s no wonder people love to call All Seniors Care senior living in Ottawa home.

We are proud to offer four exceptional senior living residences in Ottawa: Beacon Heights, Chapel Hill, Cité Parkway, and The Courtyards on Eagleson.

All Seniors Care Retirement Residences in Ottawa

Committed to setting the benchmark for senior care and lifestyle standards, our state-of-the-art retirement residences in Ottawa cater to the unique needs of every individual. All Seniors Care residences are a testament to our dedication to premium senior living in Ottawa through quality care, innovative services, and luxury amenities.

Senior Living in Ottawa

Discover a vibrant retirement in Ottawa where premier healthcare facilities and engaging programs await! With seniors constituting 17% of the population, the City of Ottawa prioritizes age-friendly policies, ensuring accessible outdoor spaces, efficient transportation, social inclusion, and abundant recreational and cultural opportunities for a dynamic, fulfilling senior living experience.


Hospitals in Ottawa

Peace of mind is at the heart of retirement in Ottawa. With world-class hospitals, Ottawa's medical facilities ensure that expert healthcare is always within reach. When you chose an All Seniors Care residence in Ottawa, you're not just retiring; you're embracing a worry-free lifestyle with the best medical support just around the corner.


Transportation in Ottawa

Getting around easily is important to quality of life. Age Friendly Ottawa boasts an extensive and efficient transportation network, from the modern O-Train light rail system to extensive bus routes. To make things even easier, each residence has a dedicated wheelchair accessible bus. Whether exploring local attractions, shopping downtown, or attending medical appointments, Ottawa's transportation ensures you're always connected and on the move with ease. Your gateway to the capital's best is right here.


Amenities in Ottawa

The capital city is a treasure trove of amenities - from world-class cultural venues, serene parks, to bustling shopping districts. Dive into diverse culinary scenes, explore historic landmarks, or enjoy leisurely strolls along scenic pathways. Every day is an opportunity to relish the rich tapestry of experiences Ottawa provides. Live your golden years in style and convenience!


Frequently Asked Questions

What senior support services does All Seniors Care offer in Ottawa?

No decision is more important than the place you choose to call home. Charming neighbourhoods, upscale amenities, and bilingual staff mean there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for an independent lifestyle or need some assistance, we have a variety of senior support services to suit a wide range of needs.

Senior apartments in Ottawa: Choose from a variety of one-bedroom, one-bedroom plus den, and two-bedroom floor plans. Make your apartment your own with favorite furnishings and treasured mementos. Best of all, whether you're sharing a meal in the dining room or joining neighbours at an event, opportunities to connect and engage are right outside your apartment door.

Independent living in Ottawa: Our options for Independent Living in Ottawa offer the best of both worlds: the freedom to live each day just as you like and reassurance that support is close by. If your lifestyle needs change, we will tailor our services to meet them, so you don’t have to worry about moving again.

Assisted living in Ottawa: For residents requiring additional support, we offer assisted Living in Ottawa to give you the support you need to continue to enjoy your independence. Take comfort knowing that your needs will be met in an accessible environment that offers the same quality of amenities and innovative programs that you’ve come to expect from All Seniors Care.

Memory care in Ottawa: If you’re looking for support for a loved one or spouse living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, our dedicated Memory Care floors offer enhanced care designed specifically for residents with dementia. With enriched small-group programming, plenty of socialization, and secure outdoor areas, we help residents feel safe, happy, and fulfilled.

How much does senior living in Ottawa cost?

Depending on the retirement home in Ottawa you select—including the level of care you require to feel your best each day—the monthly rental cost can vary widely. Other factors like the size of your suite or apartment and the additional services you add onto your retirement living package influence how much you or a loved one may pay per month.

How to choose a retirement residence in Ottawa?

When choosing a retirement residence in Ottawa, it's essential to consider several key factors to ensure the best fit for your lifestyle and needs. First, evaluate the location. Is it close to family, healthcare facilities, or specific amenities you value? Each of Ottawa’s neighborhoods has a unique charm. Next, consider the range of services provided and which meets your requirements. Visit potential residences. Are there enriching activities, programs, or social events that align with your interests? Inquire about meal plans, safety features, and emergency response systems in place. Lastly, review the financial aspects. Ottawa offers a spectrum of options and add-on services. Enjoy a meal in one of the beautiful dining rooms and speak to us about options like Short-Term Respite Stays or the BLOSSOM Living curriculum. Taking the time to research and visit the different All Seniors Care retirement residences in Ottawa will ensure a retirement setting that feels like home in Canada's captivating capital.

Does All Seniors Care have retirement homes outside Ottawa?

All Seniors Care has retirement residences in Ottawa and across Ontario. We also have retirement residences in Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan and look forward to developing more retirement homes.

Are All Seniors Care senior homes in Ottawa pet friendly?

Pets are very much part of the family, which is why we welcome well-behaved animals into our retirement communities in Ottawa. Owners are responsible for the care and well-being of their pet.

Can I visit an All Seniors Care retirement residence in Ottawa?

With senior living centres in Ottawa and four other provinces, we can help you find your next home in a neighbourhood you'll love. To contact us, click on the link to send a message to Head Office or schedule a visit one of our senior care homes in Ottawa near you directly.
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