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There is something intoxicating about the first days of spring when songbirds return, buds emerge at the tips of bare tree branches, and crocuses peak through the snow. Spring has sprung, and it is once again time to turn our thoughts to flowers, gardens, and warmer days ahead.

After months of being indoors for much of the day, with many of our favorite activities or places to go being closed or at limited capacity, this time of rebirth is more welcome than ever!!

Much overlooked, balconies are more than an opportunity to take in the view – they are valuable outdoor space. At a time when finding opportunities to distance safely are at a premium, balconies are the perfect place to create a relaxing refuge, a mini garden, or even a book nook.

Make it a reality with our 6 gorgeous ideas on how to decorate your balcony – let your creativity take flight.

6 Cozy Balcony Ideas and Décor Inspiration

When decorating your balcony, the top elements you’ll want to consider are maximizing space, making it reflective of your personal style, and above all, creating a peaceful oasis in your own home. These balcony design ideas are the perfect inspiration to make the most of your outdoor space. With a little planning, it may just become your new favorite place to spend time.

Safety First!

Think of it as “elder-proofing” your fresh air sanctuary.   Look around your balcony with an eagle eye and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it easy to manoeuvre around the furniture if using assistive devices?
  • Is the furniture durable and sturdy?
  • Is everything secured and anchored properly?
  • Are plants and flowers at a level that they can be worked on with the minimum of bending or reaching?
  • Are pots draining in a way that they won’t make the floor slippery every time you water?
  • Are cushions waterproof?

When choosing furniture, be sure that it is appropriately sized for your balcony. It is also important to consider the pro’s and con’s of the balcony décor and whether it suits your needs.  For example, soft furnishings are more comfortable, but when the weather changes the cushions will need to be brought inside. This could cause stress if the weather changes quickly. Now that you’ve considered the more practical side of things, it’s time to have some fun!

1. Colour Power

When brainstorming senior apartment balcony ideas, consider that a little colour can go a long way. Why not add accent pillows or flowerpots painted in your favorite colour? Colour has the power to elevate your mood, even on days when the sun is shy.

2. Nature Oasis

Pack your balcony with planters filled with lush plants to create the feel of a backyard. Add some herbs to make your balcony smell as good as it looks.

3. Go Vertical

To utilize every inch of your outdoor space, think “up”. Rather than spreading planters across the floor, try stacking them on a shelf or attaching planter boxes directly to the railing. Hang planters or weather-resistant art to help your balcony feel like an extension of your apartment.

4. Bistro Style

An intimate, French-inspired bistro balcony is perfect for those who love to sit outside with a cup of tea or glass of wine. Use a small foldable table and two chairs as the centerpiece of your balcony. Then, simply string warm-toned lights from the ceiling or walls and surround the table with a few green plants.

5. Minimalist Chic

Balcony decoration ideas don’t have to be grand to be beautiful. Maximize your square footage with built-in bench seating. You’ll also never have to worry about high winds knocking over your furniture or sending it flying.  Add a cozy blanket and an alluring outdoor lantern to create a setting more romantic than the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.

6. Zen Garden

Adding natural elements to balcony decor can easily transform it into a calming, Zen-like escape. Incorporate features like wooden planters, a water feature, and a small rock display to create the peaceful atmosphere you’re looking for. You can also add a touch of themed greenery such as a bonsai tree!

We Can Build It Workshops!

Residents at communities like Chateau Symmes in Aylmer, Quebec love making and painting birdfeeders in their We Can Build it Workshops. A simple birdfeeder for a balcony or patio is not only a project that brings immense satisfaction, it’s also a great way to attract feathered friends,   This project should be of special note to residents of our new retirement community in Kingston, as this city is a renowned hotspot for birdwatching.

Overlooking Sturgeon Creek, our retirement homes in Winnipeg, Manitoba are rich in greenery, making the private balconies a perfect place to hang a wind chime. Just imagine sitting outside, listening to the magical tinkling of Florida Sea Glass. Follow the adventures of Sturgeon Creek 1 on their Facebook page!

Gardening is a wonderful hobby to continue into the golden years. It’s a great way to stay active, as it keeps you stretching and flexing without putting a lot of demand on your body.  Across Canada, residents have been visiting garden centres and working hard to fill their community planters with brightly coloured flowers.  Join us on social media to see the gorgeous results of their hard work!

Living at All Seniors Care

An important University of Minnesota study from 2015 revealed that spending time in green spaces — and in “blue spaces,” such as rivers, oceans or ponds — is very important for the health and well-being of older adults. A relatively mundane experience, such as hearing the sound of water or a bee buzzing, can have a tremendous impact on overall health.

All Seniors Care makes natural spaces a priority and we pride ourselves on creating a community where every resident feels comfortable and at-home. It’s why our independent living apartments have a variety of sizes and floor plans, and the luxury of your own private balcony or patio.

To get a better look at our beautiful community, you can take a virtual tour right from your home. Contact us to find the right space for you.

Editor and Writer:   Julianna McLeod

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