From buoyancy lab to a message from Chris Hadfield, the day of celestial-themed activities is guaranteed to please dad.

CANADA – Father’s Day is about celebrating a father’s love and All Seniors Care living Centres is hosting an event that organizers believe will be “out of this world”. From sunrise to sunset, senior dads’ will delight in games, food, and music, not to mention residences decked-out in their honour.

“We know the vital role that father’s play in the lives of children – they are our mentors, our role models,” says Hannah Silver, VP Health & Wellness. “In order to fully honour them, we’ve crafted an event that celebrates their special contributions, while also building on their memories of the first moon landing in 1969.”

Committed to the belief that inclusion and community involvement is crucial for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, All Seniors Care retirement communities across the country invite you to join us for a day of laughter and memories. Under the theme “Once in a Blue Moon”, the full calendar of moon-themed activities is guaranteed to give senior dad’s a taste of that “giant leap for mankind”. Attendees can expect:

  • Reach for the Moon Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory activity
  • Special message from astronaut Chris Hadfield
  • Solar Eclipse Lunch
  • Saturn ring toss games, Meteor Shower piñata, and an Astronaut Smile Spot photo booth
  • The Outpost Chips, Saturn’s Rings, Rockets Kabobs snacks and Blue Moon cocktails
  • A ‘Moon Yard’ Blue Grass band
  • Gravity movie viewing

This innovative and engaging event will be held across the weekend of June 16 -18th with variations suited to individual residences. For event information, contact Ronna Goldberg or

Fathers Day 2022 National event Press Release

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