Let The Games Begin!

Year six and still smiling! The staff and residents at twenty three All Seniors Care Living Centres Retirement Residences across the Canada are getting ready to launch the 6th annual ASC Seniors Games, Feb. 2-6, 2015.  This year we have added venues in Calgary, Regina and Edmonton to build on the success of the previous Seniors Games in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, Stratford and Ottawa/Gatineau.

All Seniors Care Living Centres will again host this innovative way to stay active for thousands of seniors who will be walking and “Wii-ing”, playing bocce, billiards, shuffleboard, board games, and lots of card games in an environment of friendly competition while staying healthy and having fun during the winter months!

“The Games have truly become an annual showcase of the dedication our residents have to maintaining active, healthy and vibrant lifestyles,” explains Joshua Kuhl, Senior Executive VP of Operations for All Seniors Care. “Originally created to provide an opportunity for seniors to get involved in a friendly and caring social setting, the Games have grown to become an important part of our commitment to providing a positive aging experience for our residents and for all seniors in the communities we serve.”

To quote the chorus of Keep On Smiling by Tom Jones… “Keep on smiling, Keep on Smiling, Keep on smiling, The very best is there for you, Just go right out and take a few.”  This year’s Games will feature the Power of The Smile theme starting with our Opening Ceremonies on Monday, February 2nd. All events will be held indoors, with the fun getting underway at around 10:30am each day and will feature a competition, awards ceremony, food and special dignitaries and guests.

Day 1: Opening Ceremony, Walking and Roll
Day 2: Wii Bowling
Day 3: Billiards and Bocce
Day 4: Wii Golf & Shuffleboard
Day 5: Card & Board Games, Closing Ceremony

Participants at all residences have been honing their skills all year and most have been in full training since November. One example is Cecil S. in Winnipeg who will be 101 on Feb 9. He proudly announced earlier this week that he can still run the halls and bend over to touch his toes and would be happy to demonstrate for anyone that does not believe him; “I don’t know what’s going on I feel great and I’m almost 101.”

For More Information Contact: Joshua Kuhl, Senior Executive Vice-President of Operations, Phone: 416.929.1328, e-mail jkuhl@allseniorscare.com or visit our website at www.allseniorscare.com.

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