5 New Year’s Resolutions Perfect for Older Adults


With the New Year comes new opportunities and new choices. As an older adult, you may be considering making the move to a retirement residence. Retirement residences offer a fresh start in a new home with opportunities to meet new friends, try new hobbies, and get more out of every day.

Making the move can be satisfying and fun. It can also lead to some real-life improvements, such as getting more exercise, eating healthier, and trying new things – which just so happen to be on the top of many peoples’ New Year’s resolution lists.

As you think about moving into a retirement residence, learn about our senior housing options and which options are a good fit for you.

Here are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions that you might just find easier to keep by making the move to a retirement residence.

#1 Eating Better – As you get older, paying attention to your diet becomes more important than ever. As you age, your body still needs plenty of healthy food, but also fewer calories. You need to eat less salt and more calcium and iron-rich foods, especially dark greens and root vegetables. At All Seniors Care Living Centres, we take nutritional meals seriously.

#2 Keep Your Brain Active – There are many ways to keep your mind sharp and give your brain a workout. Studies show that “brain exercise” can delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Start doing things like crosswords, Sudoku, joining a book club, or signing up for a class.

#3 Start Exercising – At All Seniors Care Living Centres we offer a ton of exercise amenities and events, including walking clubs, yoga, exercises in the pool like Aqua Fit, dance lessons, and more. Exercising with friends is a great way to stay motivated and stick to your resolutions.

There’s also the ASC Games that all of our retirement residences host every February. The ASC Games are a huge event that residents always look forward to. Featuring events like bocce, golf, walking, Wii Bowling, and billiards, it’s always an exciting week of activities. With the New Year, get ready for the ASC games by sharpening your skills.

#4 Protect Against Falls – Every year, one in three older adults take a fall. You can help protect against them with the right exercises. Walking and exercises designed to improve your balance and flexibility (such as yoga or chair yoga) can help you guard against them.

#5 Meet New Friends – Retirement residences are excellent places to make new friends and meet new neighbours. With all of the events going on at our retirement residences, you’ll make friends in no time.

You can learn about our latest news and events to find out more about social events, games, exercises, and other entertainment. There’s always something going on at our retirement residences around the country. You can also check out this past blog to find out more about what our residents get up to.

This New Year consider a change of pace. Every day at our retirement residences offers new and exciting opportunities.

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