5 Tips for Seniors Ready to Downsize


Retirement residences should feel like home. The options you get with our suites are available to fit your lifestyle and your budget. As seniors get older, many want to move from a full-sized house to smaller accommodations. Senior housing options mean no stairs and no need to renovate your kitchen or bathroom to be senior-friendly.

When you move into an All Seniors Care Living Centres retirement residence, you have options for your suite. These are some of the options you can choose from depending on the residence:

  • Complete, full-sized kitchens vs. kitchens with just a fridge/freezer
  • Walkout balconies vs. no balcony
  • 2 bedroom + den & kitchen suites vs. studio apartment suites

With senior housing options across Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, there are many options for senior housing to choose from.

One important thing to note before you move into your suite is that All Seniors Care Living Centres suites do no come furnished. This way, you can bring your own furniture and make your suite feel just like home. However, you don’t need to bring everything. Downsizing isn’t easy, but with these tips, you may find it easier to pare down your belongings.

#1 Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what you should do with all your things. Give yourself plenty of time to make decisions that could be tougher than you expect. With enough time, you can even do something like track how often you use things, and discard anything you rarely if ever use.

#2 Take Stock

Go through everything you own and create three lists for what you’re going to keep with you, what you’re going to offer to friends and family, and what you’re going to donate, sell, or throw away.

Keep in mind what you really need. You’re not going to want your suite to be cluttered, as you’ll need clear pathways.

#3 Get Rid of Any Duplicates

If you have two or more of the same possession, you can easily earn some quick wins by choosing your favourite and getting rid of others. This is can be especially common with kitchen utensils. Get your favourite knives sharpened and discard the rest.

#4 Keep the Size and Space of Your Suite in Mind

When you’re choosing what furniture to bring, keep in mind the layout of that specific suite. Your full-sized dining room table may not make sense, but a smaller kitchen table could be perfect for your new space.

#5 Pass on Sentimental Objects

Pass on sentimental objects that would wind up cluttering your new space but try not to be offended if they’re turned down. Many younger people are living in smaller and smaller spaces and may not have the room for larger pieces of furniture.

Now that you have a plan for downsizing, also keep in mind that some of our residences offer two meals a day, while others offer three. With a full-sized kitchen, you may want to bring your favourite kitchen supplies to prepare breakfast, while everything else will be taken care of.

Once you’ve downsized your stuff, all you have left to do is look forward to moving into your new retirement community.

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