Autumn Activities to Enjoy with the Grandkids


It’s once again that time of year when green leaves transform to oranges, reds, and yellows. A time when we wrap ourselves in cozy sweaters and look forward to the coming holidays.

Autumn – the perfect season to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy some quality time with your aging parents or elderly loved ones. After all, companionship is what keeps relationships healthy and thriving.

If you’re already making your autumn plans, don’t miss these fun fall activities to do with your grandkids. They also support healthy aging!

Fun Fall Activities

Paint The Season’s Harvest

Garner inspiration from autumn’s colours and textures to create art using acrylic paints, watercolour, or pastels. You can also be extra creative and swap out your typical artist’s tools with some of the season’s harvest. Trade in your paintbrush for an apple stamp. Or rethink your canvas and paint a still-life on a seasonal squash or pumpkin.

  • Host an all-ages pumpkin painting contest
  • Preserve and paint fall leaves
  • Make a leaf and pinecone garland or wreath for your door
  • Use apples and pears to paint ornaments

Crafts and painting have the added bonus of being beneficial for those experiencing early cognitive decline, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease. The therapeutic aspect of art can improve mood and cognitive function.

Take a Walk in Nature

Albert Camus once said, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”.

Short walks around the community allow seniors to admire the fall foliage and get some fresh air before the snow flies. Going for a walk during this colourful season is sure to benefit both the body and mind. A low-impact physical activity , it can be done anywhere and it’s free. Walk to a park, walk around the block, or walk somewhere fun for a little treat.

  • Visit your local zoo
  • Explore a corn maze
  • Check out an apple picking farm
  • Go to a botanical garden.

If your grandkids are visiting, ask them to help you collect leaves and twigs, then make a rustic bouquet of autumn roses for each other. The artistic possibilities for colourful fallen leaves are endless.

Create Fall Kitchen Delights

Older woman with short grey hair, wearing a blue cardigan, holding a whisk dipped in cookie dough, white mixing bowl with cookie doughBaking delicious treats for friends and family is a great way to celebrate the autumn season. Pumpkin spice cookies, apple tarts, cinnamon coffee cakes and more will fill your home with tempting aromas and tastes.

Baking with grandchildren is a great way to build bonds, share skills, and spend valuable time with your little loved ones. Some kid-friendly recipes are:

When you’re ready to enjoy the delicacies you’ve made, pair them with apple cider. Drink it cold or heat it up with a cinnamon stick to keep warm on a crisp day.

Indulge in Autumn Colouring Pages

Those who are less skilled with crafts can try their hand at coloring. Your grandkids will also love to see you get involved in an activity that they enjoy. You can get a fall-themed adult coloring book, or simply use reds, oranges, and browns to shade in a forest scene. Adult coloring books have made big strides in popularity over the past few years for good reason. According to WebMD, colouring:

  • Relaxes your brain and improves brain function
  • Induces a meditative state
  • Enhances motor skills and focus
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.

Create Wearable Art through Knitting or Crochet

Knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch is a relaxing, therapeutic activity. If you love needlecrafts, why not join a knitting club? It is the ideal way to combine a hobby you’re passionate about with a fun social occasion. Other reasons to get practically crafty with a social group:

  • Find new inspiration
  • Meet new people
  • Create gifts for family and friends
  • Give back to the community by knitting or crocheting for charity.

Teaching older grandkids to knit or crochet can turn into a lifelong hobby that your both enjoy. Just be sure to purchase larger needles and hooks – size 10 are perfect for little hands!

Attend A Fall Festival

Fall festivals and trips to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch are all great ways to spend a day celebrating autumn. As different vegetables come into season, farmers markets offer a changing array of fresh foods for you to take home. Bring a tote bag and stock up on root vegetables, apples, pumpkins, and all manner of treats such as honey, apple butter and freshly baked breads to enjoy at home.

Picking and Carving Pumpkins

Picking and carving jack-o-lanterns is a classic family tradition that can be adapted to meet every senior’s ability. Visiting a local pumpkin patch is guaranteed to get everyone into the Halloween spirit. For an extra dose of fun, select a farm that offers fall-themed games and activities for everyone to enjoy!

It’s a Spooktacular Time of Year at ASC

We want you to spend quality time with your elderly loved ones this coming season. With activity calendars packed with fall crafts, Halloween-themed games, outings, and events, there is something for all tastes and interests.

Let the passionate and well-trained caregivers at ASC take care of the basics so that you can enjoy more quality time and continue making new memories with your whole family this autumn and all year long.

At All Seniors Care Living Centres , a family-owned and operated community with a reputation for providing high standards of care and service, we believe that ageing can be beautiful with the right care, healthy diet, companionship, and an active lifestyle.

Contact us today and explore the options near you, from independent seniors’ apartments to memory care.


Writer  – Julianna McLeod

Julianna is a health and wellness expert at All Seniors Care. Her mission is to create content that empowers seniors to form sustainable solutions for lasting health and happiness. She is an experienced writer, editor, and Recreational Therapist living in Toronto.

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