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Fathers take the time to teach their children valuable skills that will come in handy later in life. At the time, their children will think of the useful lesson as a chore. As adults, they will be thankful that their father sat them down and showed them how to do something new.

In honour of those precious moments, All Seniors Care is hosting a “We Can Build It Workshop” filled with hands-on activities that people associate with their dads.

Learning from Fathers

It’s a tradition for fathers to pass down their knowledge and experience to their children. These nuggets of wisdom are sometimes emotional, letting you know what you should treasure in life and what you shouldn’t stress about. Many of them are passing down the words from their own fathers.

Some of these nuggets of wisdom are practical. Popular do-it-yourself skills that dads teach their kids include how to change a tire, how to fix a leaky toilet, and how to use hand tools. By showing you how to accomplish these small household tasks, you can avoid paying someone else to do it for you. You’ll be confident and self-sufficient. And of course, one day you will share the wisdom with someone else.

The We Can Build It Workshop

If you didn’t take your father’s lectures to heart or those skills have gotten rusty, that’s okay. You have the opportunity to master these handy skills now. On June 9th, the All Seniors Care Living Centres are hosting the We Can Build It Workshop, where maintenance staff demonstrates how to build things like birdhouses, doll houses, and furniture. Residents can sign up for the workshop to learn how to build something incredible with their own two hands.

Find out about future workshops through our social media and website. You can also find out more about homes like the Summit Heights residence in Hamilton so that you’re up to date about suites, services, and events.


The Importance of Learning and Sharing Skills

One of the most valuable lessons that fathers impress on their children is that they should always strive to learn new things. That value doesn’t disappear when they reach adulthood —  learning a new skill is important and good for your mental health. Challenging yourself develops your cognition, improves your mood, and lowers your risk of memory loss.

On the other side, it’s also important to share your knowledge with other people so that they can learn something new. You can do this with your friends, neighbours, and family members. The ones who will benefit from it the most are your children and grandchildren. Teach them a skill that matters to you. Show them how you celebrate your love for music and nature by showing them how to play an instrument. Share your favourite recipe with them.

Choose something that’s valuable to you, and then pass it on. You can make sure your special skill is carried down to another generation. Maybe, one day, they’ll teach it to their own kids.

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