Celebrate the Start of Summer with a Wonderful Party



Summer is officially here! After a long, chilly winter and a late spring, it’s time to celebrate the arrival of clear skies and warm weather. It’s time to don your best pair of sunglasses, slather on the sunscreen and have a wonderful party.

The All Seniors Care Summer Party

Follow in the footsteps of All Seniors Care. On June 20th, our retirement homes have planned to throw parties to celebrate the beginning of summer. The parties will have everything that people love about the season, with delicious BBQ feasts and campfire sing-a-longs. Click here to see what the Lakeridge Heights Retirement Residence, the Cité Parkway Retirement Residence, and the Chapel Hill retirement residences are planning. Or keep an eye on the official Instagram and Facebook pages for updates! You’ll see amazing pictures and videos of the events.

It’s great to take a day to soak in the sunshine, eat delicious food, and listen to music. Why not join in on the fun by throwing your own private party?

BBQ grill

Summer BBQ Ideas

With social distancing, you’re going to want to keep the party small. It’s for everyone that lives at your home. If you want to add more to the guest-list, bring them over through a video chat or phone call. They may not be able to taste the food, but they’ll appreciate the good company and music.

The most important thing that you need to think about when you’re planning a summer party is the food. It’s not enough to have a bowl of chips set out on your patio table. You need to fire up the grill. If you like classic BBQ recipes, put on some hamburgers, sausages, and ears of corn. If you want to have a healthier meal, serve something lighter like grilled salmon with sides of asparagus and bell peppers. If you’re planning a vegetarian meal, then marinated tofu skewers or large portobello mushrooms are the perfect dishes to add to your grill.

And you can’t forget about dessert! Halve peaches and nectarines, and then put them on top of the grill until they’re hot and smoky. Serve them on top of scoops of vanilla ice cream or Greek yogurt with honey and granola. Or, for something more decadent, roast marshmallow above the grill and make S’Mores. They will be the perfect accompaniment with your campfire songs.

For drinks, whip up a batch of homemade lemonade to quench your thirst in the heat and wash down a delicious meal. Adults can add a splash of bourbon to turn their classic lemonade into a tasty cocktail.

Getting Outside Is Healthy

It’s essential that you get outside and enjoy nature from time to time. Soaking in the sunshine is the best way to get doses of Vitamin D. Just make sure to put on sunscreen and protective clothing every time you go out. Nothing will ruin a BBQ like a bad sunburn.

Going outdoors and taking in the fresh air has other health benefits. It will improve your mood and make it easier to get a good night’s sleep later on. So, if you’re having trouble getting your beauty rest, you should be spending more time in your backyard.

The beginning of summer is a very exciting time. It means that more sunshine, warm weather, and outdoor activities are just around the corner. So, put on your sunglasses and fire up the grill. It’s time to celebrate.


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