5 Great Tips For Transitioning To A Retirement Residence


As you or your parents enter their golden years, many personal and logistical questions arise. Should I stay at home, or should I move into a retirement residence? 

This is a complicated question with many factors involved. And, while some people plan methodically for their later years, others are so caught up in the day-to-day business of life and work that these considerations sneak up on them.

Making the Decision to Move to Retirement Living

If you make the lifestyle change to a senior retirement residence, three of the most important factors to consider are:

  • the general care and nursing services;
  • the quality of the environment;
  • and the kind of resources you have access to in your new home.

The senior’s experience, like every other phase of life, should be an adventure unto itself. If you live alone, your may feel lonely and missing the community connection that optimizes your sense of adventure. Read on for six great tips for that time in life where you feel you may want to make the transition to a seniors’ residence and the sense of community it can provide.

  1. How to Transition from Work to Retirement

The transition from the working life to retirement can be an adventure… or a challenge. In certain careers there is a built-in cut-off: you retire at a certain age with your pension and off you go. For many, however, life without work can be a challenge. Therefore, seniors may actually have something to learn from millennials who, mostly out of necessity, are forced to maneuver in a freelance economy.

Seniors starting retirement may seek a secondary, part-time career that feels more like a hobby. Working as a golf-pro or a life-coach, or consulting once in a while at your old job can give you a sense of purpose and help save money to pay for a higher quality seniors residence when it comes time to make that shift.

  1. Downsize to Free Up Capital

For some, the idea of making a move to retirement or seniors’ communities holds great appeal, but the thought of downsizing has a paralyzing effect.

Even before you make the move to a seniors’ residence, you may want to sell your house and transition to a small apartment. This will allow you and your family to sort through your possessions and figure out what can be donated, passed on, thrown out or kept. Sifting through these sentimental treasures takes time.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to invest the money from the home sale to finance a vacation or set it aside to put towards life in a retirement residence that offers a high-quality experience.

  1. Embrace Community Living

Our caring staff members – nurses, lifestyle directors, cooks, recreation aides, etc. – are passionate about fostering community pride in the residences.  All Seniors Care can offer our residents this valuable experience of daily connection.

Chatting with staff, access to bridge and cribbage clubs, gardening, group outings-all of these small touches add up to a full, well-rounded life. When you or a parent enters senior care, make the best use of the community environment to create a positive rhythm of social engagement in day-to-day life – it can have a big impact on mental and physical health.

  1. Develop New Routines

For many, a meaningful life is a busy life.

Developing a new routine as soon as you begin your time at a seniors’ residence is a sure-fire way to hit the ground running and thrive in a new situation. At All Seniors care, we offer a range of activities from aqua-fit and chair yoga, to cocktail hour, movie nights and group outings. Taking advantage of the programming is the key to keeping busy and connecting with new friends.

The weekly schedule stays consistent, so finding a good rhythm and the right mix of alone time and social time right will help keep you focused, healthy and happy.

  1. Beautify Your Space 

The beauty of a space does a lot for people’s mental well-being. When you are personally contributing to that beauty, a sense of pride wells up – not to mention opportunities to soak in the praise for your hard work. Work with friends to keep the space beautiful, after all, it’s where you live!

Supportive Living Allows Seniors to Thrive

Some people think that retirement residences are all the same, but this is far from true. At All Seniors Care, we take pride in creating a supportive, positive community atmosphere that will allow individuals to thrive in their later years.

Our dedicated application of age-in-place principles allows for seniors who join our retirement residences as independent people seeking basic assistance to remain in the same community as their care needs increase.

Our senior homes in AlbertaManitobaOntarioSaskatchewan and Quebec are meticulously designed. If you’re in the market for a quality senior residence where you or your parents can age in place and live a full life, consider All Seniors Care.

Explore all the fun and activities on Facebook, or contact us to learn more at your leisure. All Seniors Care is dedicated to providing the best lifestyle and care for Canadian seniors, and we’re always happy to share our passion with you!

Editor:  Julianna McLeod

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