How All Seniors Care Is Sharing the Love


Love letters can seem like a lost art-form. Now people can contact their loved ones in a matter of seconds. You can call someone over the phone, email them on your computer, and even send them a text with heart emojis. It’s very easy to let them know that you’re thinking of them. Love letters take more care to put together — that’s what makes them so special.

This year, the staff at All Seniors Care is taking the time to write some love letters.

Writing Love Letters

The management and staff of our senior homes are writing love letters once a week. We will keep doing this until January 2021, just before our All Seniors Games in February. These letters will be shared with the police, armed forces, and non-profits over the following months.

You can join us in this beautiful hobby of inspiration & love! Schedule a love-letter writing session once a week and send it over to the resident that you know. It will make their week. Or, you can both write letters to someone else that you care about. It can be your relatives, your friends, or local charities that you connect with. There are lots of ways that you can spread the love around.

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