How to Have Crucial Conversations About Senior Housing


Bringing up moving into senior housing with a loved one is never going to be an easy conversation. That doesn’t mean it’s not a conversation worth having, and one worth having early.

There are many concerns that come up during these conversations. Seniors may be worried about losing their independence or moving into a strange place. Meanwhile, adult children worry about their parents’ safety.

However, senior housing options have come a long way, and there are many benefits to moving into one. They can facilitate independent living, incorporate care that makes aging in place possible, and offer rich social lives and leisure activities. Before you have the conversation, make sure you’re aware what modern retirement residences can offer.

If you’ve been putting off the conversation, these tips can make it easier to bring up.

#1 Start Talking Early

It will help if you have this conversation before you need to. Adding urgency to the situation will only make the conversation more stressful for all parties. As an adult child, you may be worried about the risk of falling in a house not designed for seniors, wandering, or other risks. Senior parents may feel that the changes are happening too quickly, and they haven’t had time to process their thoughts and express what they want. Have the talk before you need to and alleviate that pressure.

#2 Discuss Senior Housing as a Possibility

Don’t assume that senior housing is an inevitability, or speak as though it is. This will likely spark a negative reaction. There are other options that should also make up part of an honest conversation.

#3 Explore Your Senior Housing Options

Explore local options with your parents. There are seniors homes across Canada that have become less like assisted living facilities and more like senior communities with active social and leisure activities. You can find All Seniors Care senior housing options in Ottawa, London, Stratford, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Gatineau, and other cities across the country.

The retirement residence you choose should make it their goal to make sure your loved ones enjoy a rich and independent lifestyle. Resources for senior living advice can make a big difference. They’re a source of new ideas and inspiration that can help improve quality of life. For some great advice senior on living advice, click here and explore some of our resources, such as:

  • How and why drinking tea is good for your health
  • Healthy and nutritious recipe ideas
  • Low-impact exercises perfect for seniors.

#4 Talk about Care Needs

Discuss what kind of care will be necessary now and in the future. It can make sense to bring the family doctor into the conversation as well. At locations such as our Chapel Hill senior residences and other Ontario residences you can find varying levels of care including memory care.

#5 Talk About Finances and Support

From a young age, kids don’t hear much about money from their parents, and that can continue into adulthood. It’s something of a taboo topic, but you need to have an open an honest talk about money and how your family is going to afford senior housing options.

Having the conversation the right way will help save your family from a lot of stress and hurt feelings. Choose your phrasing carefully and be patient.

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