Internet FAQs for Seniors Trying New Technology


Internet usage among seniors has risen rapidly in the past few years. Today, 42% of seniors own a smartphone, and two-thirds of all seniors (over the age of 65) have or use internet.

However, when it comes to older adults, adoption has been slower. Among seniors over the age of 80, only 44% use the internet, and only 28% have it at home.

There’s a lot that seniors can get using the internet. From the daily news to easy ways to communicate with family, there are plenty of reasons to become an internet-user if you aren’t already. It’s never too late to learn how to use the internet.

Take a look at this quick FAQ from All Seniors Care that will answer you biggest questions about the internet.

What is Wifi?

Wifi (also Wi-Fi) is a technology that allows for radio wireless connectivity, meaning you can connect to the internet without cords. There’s also broadband internet which does require a cord connection. Broadband can be good for a desktop computer, but given how people today rely on smartphones, laptops, and tablets, Wifi is the way to go.

Despite the technical meaning of the term, when most people say Wifi, they usually just mean the internet itself.

What is Skype and why should you get it?

Skype is a great way to keep in touch with family, especially if you have kids, grandkids, or siblings who live overseas. It’s a free telecommunications app that lets you make video calls from your computer to other computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Around the holidays, it can be difficult or expensive to get in touch with relatives who live around the world. Skype is a tool that makes it free and simple.

What do you mean it’s free?

If you’re not an avid internet-user, you may not be used to just how much you can get for free. Since when have companies been willing to give away their services for free? The internet has reshaped the commercial landscape and for many businesses, users are key.

Companies like Skype use a “freemium” model (free + premium), offering basic services free of charge to convince users to move to premium subscriptions for extra features or ad-free content.

That doesn’t mean ads will start playing over Skype while you’re talking to your grandkids, but Skype premium allows you to use the service to make calls to landlines and cellphones. With free Skype, the person on the other end also needs to be using Skype.

Do All Seniors Care Living Centres have Wifi?

If you want to learn about our senior housing options, you may be wondering if we have Wifi.

Suites at our retirement residences come with a lot of features that help you make it your home. While suites may differ from residence to residence, you can expect All Seniors Care retirement residences to come with amenities such as wheelchair accessibility, balconies, individual heating and air conditioning controls, kitchenettes, a pet-friendly policy, emergency call systems, and Wifi. Retirement residences also offer a variety of suite sizes to choose from, including studio, 1- and 2-bedrooms, depending on the residence.

At our retirement residences, we have an aging in place philosophy. Your suite is your home and we do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable there. You can call us anytime to ask more about suites in a retirement residence near you. There are plenty of suites available that fit a wide range of needs. It also helps to learn more about us by paying us a visit with your family. We offer a better way to age in place.

There’s more to our retirement communities than just the amenities. There are also tons of events and activities you can enjoy, such as our upcoming ASC games, an event that always gets our residents excited. Starting in February, this will be our 10th Annual ASC Games. You can also learn about our recent events to see what else residents get up to. There’s always something exciting going on at our retirement communities.

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