Join Us for Paint Nite – Why Retirement Is the Perfect Time to Get Creative


For people who’ve had passion projects or a love of the arts all their lives, retirement suddenly gives them a lot of time to do what they love. Artistic pursuits otherwise restricted to weekends and holidays can suddenly fill your days.

A creative pursuit can make every day feel like a gift – a chance to work on your passion, practice your skills, and go on a journey that maybe you didn’t have time for when you were younger.

For others, they can spend their working lives focused on raising a family and saving for the future. When they finally get to enjoy their retirements, they may wind up asking themselves what to do now. Creativity is not reserved for just a few “creative” people. Everyone is creative, and everyone has the capacity to learn how to make art. As retirement approaches (or if you’re already well-into your golden years), finding an artistic pursuit such as painting, writing, or sculpture can have some incredible benefits for seniors.

#1 Art and Alzheimer’s – Making art can have real health benefits for people diagnosed with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Art can reduce the depression and anxiety that often come with degenerative diseases, as well as improve cognition, sensory stimulation, and self-esteem.

#2 Reducing Boredom – Who would have thought that you’d ever feel like you had nothing to do? When you’re busy working and saving, you relish an opportunity to sit back and do nothing. But for retired seniors, boredom can be an issue, especially alongside anxiety and depression. Art, especially social art classes like All Seniors Care Paint Nites, can help.

#3 Relaxation – Making art can help you relax, especially in a casual, social setting like an art class. Self-expression, time with friends, good laughs, and a glass of wine are a great way to relax and have fun for an evening.

Paint Nite at Retirement Residences

At All Seniors Care Living Centres, we love to foster the arts and creativity. That’s why our retirement residences offer Paint Nites as a chance to learn more about painting and practice your brush work.

Paint Nite is a regular event at seniors homes across the country at which seniors are given a painting session and instruction by a professional artist. It’s a casual night for amateurs and seniors who are passionate about the arts. They can enjoy a glass of wine, paint, and have fun with their friends.

If you’re looking for a retirement residence, always look into social and artistic activities available. Research your senior housing options in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Quebec to find the right place for you. If you want to discover a new passion, make sure art is on the agenda.

Paint Nite at All Seniors Care Living Centres are also open to family and friends. Anyone can drop by to spend some quality time with their friends and family and participate in a fun night of arts and creativity. If you want to stop by for Paint Nite, give us a call to find out when events are happening. Our retirement residences are always open for visits from family and friends.

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