Make Aging in Place Easy at River Ridge Retirement Residence


River Ridge Retirement Residence is our retirement community on the Red River in Winnipeg. With stunning views of the river, located in a quiet, residential neighbourhood close to Seven Oaks General Hospital, it’s the perfect community for seniors in Winnipeg who want to lead an active lifestyle with the confidence that they can comfortably age in place.

With two buildings, River Ridge 1 Retirement Residence and River Ridge 2, there is plenty of room for seniors who want dignified living in Manitoba seniors housing, whether you’re looking for Independent or Enhanced Assisted Living. 

What Is Independent Assisted Living

Age is a time of transitions. Most seniors don’t wake up and suddenly struggle with tasks they’ve been used to doing their whole lives. Everyday tasks become gradually more difficult. For example, while your mobility may be unaffected, arthritis may make it harder to hold a knife and prepare a meal. This is a situation where Independent Assisted Living can be an ideal senior housing situation.

You don’t have to worry about meals, the suites are designed with accessibility and safety in mind, and with parking, transportation services, and a pet-friendly policy, you can maintain your independence. Independent Assisted Living is all about getting the resources and support you need to stay independent for longer.

Enhanced Assisted Living

Enhanced Assisted Living involves a greater level of care that may include memory care, medication assistance and monitoring, personal care (such as dressing and bathing), housekeeping, 24-hour emergency care, and medical services such as nursing staff.

River Ridge Retirement Residence is our Winnipeg seniors housing equipped with private nursing, with the staff and services that enable a transition to Enhanced Assisted Living. It’s your local option for compassionate, affordable, and reliable elder care in Winnipeg.

How Independent to Enhanced Assisted Living Helps You Age in Place

Many of the health conditions that require seniors to consider Enhanced Assisted Living are progressive or chronic, such as dementia or rheumatoid arthritis. You know that you will need enhanced care in the future, but for now, you have your independence and you would like to keep it for as long as possible.

Senior housing that allows you to transition from one to the other without having to move allows you to age in place. You don’t have to worry about moving multiple times.

Moving into an Independent Assisted Living residence also gives you a chance to make new friends and find a new community when you’re healthy and independent. At River Ridge Retirement Residence, there are tons of activities for daily health & wellness, game nights, shuttle buses for outings, and classes.

More Senior Housing Options

In addition to River Ridge I & II, you can also find comfortable living at our Regina nursing home or a place in Saskatoon’s most desired seniors housing residence, Preston Park Retirement Residence. With retirement communities across Canada, there’s a location close to you.

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