The Joys and Challenges of Senior Gardening


Ontario is a great place for gardening. Although the growing season may not be as long as in climates further south, it turns out that a cold winter is great for soil quality, improving drainage and making your lawn feel springy and spongy come the thaw, while snow provides excellent insulation for landscaping plants. Ontario seniors with a passion for gardening know that you have to change with the seasons to make sure your plants thrive.

Gardening Is Great for Seniors

As you age, it’s natural to slow down with the activities you love, but most seniors won’t give up their horticultural pursuits. There are good reasons not to:

  • It’s a low-impact exercise that keeps you stretching, mobile, and flexible.
  • It’s a much-needed opportunity to get out and enjoy sunshine and fresh air, which improve your mood and provide Vitamin D.
  • The focus and attention required can decrease your risk of developing dementia and reduce stress.
  • It’s an activity that keeps you busy and passionate during a time in your life where you have a lot of extra time.

Anyone with a green thumb knows the benefits of gardening. There are other fun activities that can help seniors’ physical and mental health, but those who love horticulture stick to it.

Challenges to Senior Gardening

With age can come limited mobility and flexibility, but that’s no reason to give up your favourite past times. Even if you find you can’t bend like you used, there are plenty of ways around your new mobility:

  • Using raised flowerbeds means you don’t have to bend as low to care for your flowers and vegetables. They’re a solution used at All Seniors Care Living Centres to help our residents continue to enjoy their favourite hobbies.
  • Soaker hoses help you avoid dragging hoses around, and drip irrigation systems can help as well.
  • There are lines of ergonomic gardening tools made to help seniors get around the garden and accomplish everything they want to.

Older gardeners also have some advice for those who are having a harder time: it’s okay to slow down. Your garden doesn’t have to be perfect, and you’re allowed to scale back and stop doing the things you dread.

Finding a Retirement Residence Where You Can Garden

Find assisted living facilities for your loved ones (or yourself) that allow them to continue to pursue their favourite hobbies. Those who love gardening should check out our senior homes in Ottawa, London, and Stratford. Find out how we can facilitate active and independent senior lifestyles all while offering adaptable levels of care to all residents. It’s part of the way we ensure our residents have the freedom to age in place.

Those who love gardening should get in touch with us today and ask about gardening at our many seniors living centres across the country. Horticulture is an excellent way to stay passionate, mobile, and enjoy the outdoors.

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