The Top Reasons to Retire in Ottawa


Ottawa is a special place to retire. The nation’s capital is the kind of city that just feels right. Not too big, not too small, safe, affordable, and vibrant, it’s also the best place in Canada to retire. Take a look at some of the reasons Ottawa is one of the top retirement destinations in the country.

#1 Accessibility

As you age, moving closer to both leisure activities and shops and services can take a big burden out of life. You want to be close to shopping, healthcare services, and cultural activities, especially if you have to give up your driver’s license.

#2 Great Culture

Ottawa has the cultural life of a big city without many of the drawbacks that come with city life, like congestion, crime, or noise. It’s lively, vibrant, and there’s no shortage of museums, entertainment, and great restaurants to keep you interested.

#3 Affordable Cost of Living

Ottawa is just the right size to enjoy the best of both worlds. Though it has a great cultural scene and a growing public transit system, it’s considerably more affordable than cities like Toronto or Vancouver. Seniors planning on downsizing might find their budget stretches farther in Ottawa. Enjoy elegant Ottawa senior residence living at a price you can afford.

#4 Access to Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of Ottawa’s top employers, and with 779 clinics, it has the country’s sixth highest concentration of doctors. For seniors, who see doctors more frequently than any other age group, access to clinics, top quality hospitals, and family doctors makes a major impact on quality of life. Easy access to doctors is an important aspect of comfortable assisted living in Ontario, and with a wealth of high quality doctors, Ottawa gets top marks.

#5 Walkability

Walkability is high on the list of qualities seniors want in a neighbourhood. Walkable areas make connections easier to make, and that has a major impact on happiness. When you can walk your community, you enjoy more intergenerational connections, easy access to shops and services, and more independence.

Retirement Residences in Ottawa

Families looking for elegant Ottawa senior residence living can find it with us. We offer three retirement residences in Ottawa: Beacon Heights Retirement Residence, Chapel Hill Retirement Residence, and Cité Parkway Retirement Residence.

In the larger Ottawa area, there is also the uniquely designed retirement residence in Kanata Ontario, The Courtyards on Eagleson, a residence designed to address the needs of seniors who require memory care due to Alzheimer’s or dementia. The Courtyards on Eagleson include 71 luxury suites, divided into 4 living communities with their own courtyards and common areas. The residence offers 24-hour nursing care, as well as a way for residents to enjoy the outdoors independently while remaining in a secure and safe environment. Feel free to get in touch for more info about memory care at our residences.

Across the Ottawa River, there’s also our Chateau Symmes retirement residence in Aylmer Quebec, located right in downtown Aylmer and walking distance to plenty of stores.

The entire Ottawa region is a great place to retire. With unparalleled access to great medical care, a vibrant cultural scene, and an affordable cost of living, Ottawa is consistently one of the top choices for seniors retiring in Canada.

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