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Spirit Week is here! All year, our residents look forward to the All Seniors Care Seniors Games, a week-long competition that fosters community, creates new friendships, encourages residents to learn new skills, and rewards active living.

The ASC Seniors Games represent the values we hold dear at all our retirement communities. The events are a big deal, with the opening ceremonies frequently hosting local elected officials and even Lieutenant Governors. But the event is really about the joy of competition, the thrill of victory, and the satisfaction that comes with leading an active lifestyle as older seniors. That’s what makes the annual competition so important to us and to our residents.

Spirit Week is a great way for our residents to get excited about the ASC Games a couple of weeks before they get started in February. Residents wear their medals with pride, including many of our residents over the age of 100. In fact, some centenarians are even winning medals still!

What do the ASC Seniors Games involve?

It all kicks off on February 4th with our Opening Ceremony, where a resident-chosen Chef de Mission declares the Games officially open. It starts with a bagpipe entrance, the singing of the anthem, a toast, and finally a Bocce ball competition between the VIPs. The Opening Ceremonies happen at all our residences across the country in tandem. The Opening Ceremonies also include Walking the Hallways.

The next day, residents compete at Wii Bowling and Archery.

On February 6th, residents compete at Bocce, Billiards, and Pétanque. Bocce is consistently one of the most eagerly anticipated games.

The 7th features Wii Golf and Shuffleboard.

On February 8th, we celebrate the last day of the ceremonies with competitions in card & board games, followed by the closing ceremonies.

How are our residents so competitive? They practice, train, and keep physically fit all year round thanks to an active schedule. If you want to learn more, drop by today and ask about activities at All Seniors Care Living Centres.

One of the reasons everyone loves the competitive spirit of the ASC Senior Games is that competition is fun, challenging, and rewarding.

When talking about competition, seniors often say that it’s a great way to keep learning and sharpen your wit or skills. The joy of competition is that it means setting goals and striving to meet them. No matter what your age, you can always get better at something.

At All Seniors Care Living Centres, we’re always looking for ways to improve the lives of our residents. Whether that’s competitions like the Seniors Games or exploring the benefits of houseplants and aquariums in suites, we always want to do better. And our residents do, too. That’s why they always bring their best to the ASC Seniors Games.

To find out more about the games or learn more about our Quebec residences and residences across Canada, just give us a call. Find out what all the fuss is about our legendary games.

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