Tips for Preventing Falls – Exercises You Need to Know


Falling is a major risk for seniors who experience reduced mobility, arthritis, joint pain, and who rely on canes or walkers to get around.

When you’re younger, you can rely on your quick reflexes and strong muscles to correct yourself after you trip or stumble. As you age, your body is no longer as quick to react or capable of correcting the error. That increases the risk that a stumble can turn into a fall, and that a fall can lead to an injury.

The risks of falling are serious for seniors. People aged 65 and over have a 25% risk of falling according to the CDC, and of those who have fallen already, there’s a 50% chance they will take a second.

Falling can lead to serious injuries in seniors. Some of most common and serious injuries that come with a fall include broken bones, bone fractures, and especially hip fractures. Hip fractures are one of the most serious injuries seniors are at risk of, as they can often significantly alter the senior’s independence and way of life afterward.

Falling is serious, but there are plenty of ways you can improve your balance to prevent falling in the first place. Balance exercises are an important part of our senior living accommodations, and we provide plenty of exercise classes and programs that will help you balance on cobblestone paths or going up and down the stairs.

Residents at All Seniors Care Living Centres have lots of exercise options available right in the community. Exercise is vitally important for seniors, especially exercises that can help improve balance and muscle strength. If you’re committed to staying active, consider some of these exercises that promote better balance.

Yoga – Yoga improves your balance by promoting a better awareness of your body. Greater concentration and control of your body helps you maintain your balance and avoid slips and falls to begin with.

Tai Chi – Another exercise that helps you balance by practicing poses and improving your mental awareness of your posture and body, tai chi is easy to learn and practice independently.

Chair Exercises – Balancing exercises with a chair is a great way to safely practice your balance, such as by standing on one foot or improving your strength with back leg or side leg raises.

Balance exercises aren’t the only things residents at All Seniors Care Living Centres get up to. There’s also our Seniors Games, a friendly competition that includes Bocce, Wii Bowling & Golf, card games, dancing, and walking. You can learn about the ASC Games by giving us a call. You can also check out some of the news coverage of local games in your community.

Senior housing options should provide plenty of opportunities to exercise and improve your balance. To learn more about exercise programs at senior housing options near you, contact us anytime and get our schedule. Exercise is essential for ongoing senior health.

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