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Travel the World with Our Monthly “Taste of” Events


Want to travel the world but no time to get away? You can get a taste of the faraway without having to go far. Every month, each of our residences across Canada hosts an incredible “Taste of” event, where we take residents and the public to different regions of Canada and countries around the world through the culinary arts and an evening of activities related to the region. It’s always a fun time and an incredible way to explore new places on Earth (or revisit old favourites) – without having to pay the airfare.

Not only are our “Taste of” events a huge hit with our residents, they are also Open House events that are open to the public. Anyone can come join for the meal and tour, as well as the activities we have planned around the month’s theme. It’s a great night to visit a friend or family member, tour the residence and see if it’s right for you, or just experience new flavours from around the globe. Chapel Hill Retirement Residence has a wide variety of events happening this Spring to get residents outside & enjoying the fresh air. Click here to learn more about what they have to offer.

In the past, some of our favourite events have been “Taste of Mexico” and “Taste of Japan,” as well destinations closer to home, such as “Taste of Winnipeg.” With a rich culinary tradition and succulent dishes including smoked Lake Winnipeg goldeneye, pan-fried pickerel, and Schmoo torte on the sweet side, our chefs had plenty to choose from when they were designing the menu for “Taste of Winnipeg.” Thanks to our focus on great dining and fun events, we’re changing senior living for the better.

Our next two events shine the spotlight on two provinces at opposite ends of Canada: Prince Edward Island and British Columbia.

Coming Up in April: Taste of P.E.I.

Take a trip out east and visit us for “Taste of P.E.I.” There are two options on the menu that delve into P.E.I.’s unique culinary offerings, where the rich red soil meets the Atlantic Ocean:

1) P.E.I. Mussels tossed in White Wine Crème

2) Bacon Salmon and Potato Chowder

In addition to these delicious offerings, there will be entertainment, a P.E.I. travelogue, and trivia all about the Garden of the Gulf.

Events in May: Taste of B.C.

Coming up in May, we travel all the way across Canada to the Pacific Coast for “Taste of B.C.” West Coast themed entertainment, trivia, and a B.C. travelogue will be on the list of activities, though the real star of the evening will be the unique flavours of one of Canada’s most diverse and naturally rich provinces. Guests will choose from two very different and exciting meals:

1) Salmon Loin with Leek and Tarragon Crème

2) The Japadog

For those who haven’t had a chance to explore Vancouver’s burgeoning street food scene, the Japadog is a Japanese-style hot dog invented and popularized by Noriki and Misa Tamura. The Japadog uses Kurobuta sausage and Japanese-style toppings such as teriyaki sauce, shredded nori, Bonito flakes, and Japanese mayo. After appearing on an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s popular food show No Reservations, the Japanese-style hot dog has begun to spread around the world. Why not try something different when you visit?

If you would like to take part in our “Taste of” events, click here to find a seniors residence near you and give us a visit! All our meals are prepared by world-class culinary teams led by Red Seal chefs. Come taste the world at one of the next All Seniors Care Living Centre events!

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