When It’s Time to Move: Your Senior Housing Options


As you reach your older senior years, the question of whether or not to move becomes a popular topic of conversation. There are a lot of compelling reasons to leave behind a home where you have may have lived for decades, raised a family, and made memories.

Why Seniors Consider Moving in Their Older Years

Everyday life just becomes a bit more challenging as you age; health problems start to come up and mobility issues can turn your family home into a hazard. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury among older Canadians; 50% of falls happen at home and they are responsible for 85% of senior hospitalizations. 

In addition to the risk of injury and falling, seniors can also face isolation if they remain in their homes. Isolation is a major concern. For those living in rural or suburban environments, giving up their driver’s license can be a big blow to their independence. Even in cities where it’s easier to walk places, severe winter conditions can lead to isolation as sidewalk conditions even right outside the house become dangerous.

Senior Housing Options

You have options when you want to downsize. Condos are a popular option for seniors who need less space and may want to invest in a home that already features accessible design. Then there’s the question of whether you should rent or buy. Buying means you won’t have to worry about rising rents or eviction – a rising problem in Canada even for those who can afford the rent. On the other hand, renting means you won’t have to worry about the responsibility of ownership, such as maintenance and property taxes.

Retirement Living

A third option is living in a retirement residence such as All Seniors Care Living Centres across Canada. If you want a hassle-free retirement, they are the way to go. Different residences vary according to what you’re looking for. You may be able to find assisted living or independent living communities.

Our residences offer flexible care so you can seamlessly transition from one to the other. With retirement residences in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Quebec, you can take a tour of one near you.

Making the move into a retirement residence is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about cooking, driving, or who feels increasingly isolated in their current home. Many seniors find themselves turning into social butterflies given the opportunities to meet new people.

Deciding when to make the move and which senior housing options you should choose isn’t easy. For more information about downsizing, check out more senior living advice you can use on our blog. You want to make the right choice when you move, so consider all of your options. Retirement residences can offer you both independence and a lifestyle where you no longer have to worry about things like maintenance or cooking. 

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