HOWDY Y’ALL! – Celebrating our heritage and the building of our great country, All Seniors Care Living Centres residents, staff, and management will go back in time to the Wild, Wild West.
This year we are hosting our communities with special western themed lunches, Lumberjack games, Live Entertainment and much more, ending with a Pitch Fork Dinner Buffet BBQ! Please join us for our annual celebration of Canada’s birthday at our lovely retirement communities across the country as we honour the Homesteaders who built our great country!

At All Seniors Care, we believe that whether actively participating or just enjoying watching the proceedings, being involved is crucial for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. We anticipate a wonderful afternoon that will create lasting memories and friendships. Anyone wishing to join the celebration is very welcome.

Please contact Event Planner Ronna Goldberg at 204.232.8495 or by email at

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