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with physical distancing!


CANADA Canada Day is a day to celebrate our country, our cultural diversity, and our future. It is also a time to reflect on what it means to be Canadian and everything that makes this country so great. Part of that greatness is our sense of community, of looking out for each other and taking care of our neighbours. We could think of no better way to embrace this ideal than honour the spirit and message of Canadian comic book superhero, Captain Canuck.

We will be spending the day celebrating our superhero neighbours, friends, and veterans. Superhero Pet Companion Parades will see our residence pets show off their best superhero disguises. Pancake breakfasts in the morning, BBQ’s later in the day and ending with Ice Cream dixie cups, it should be a super feast from start to finish. As the day winds down, we will host Canadian inspired film festivals in our theatres. All very fun, but we will not forget the importance of wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and washing hands often.

At All Seniors Care, we believe that whether actively participating or just enjoying watching the proceedings, being involved is crucial for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.


Most events will be held on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020.

Dates and times will vary by residence.

Please contact Event Planner Ronna Goldberg at 204.232.8495 or by email at


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