Celebrating Community: Spirit Week Returns to ASC Residences


We are Kicking Off a Week Filled with Pep and Friendly Competition

The countdown has begun! As we approach the much-anticipated ASC Senior Games in February, residences are buzzing with excitement. What better way to gear up for this grand event than with a lively Spirit Week, starting January 15th and culminating on January 19th. This week isn’t just about fun and games; it’s an embodiment of community spirit, wellness, and fellowship – the very pillars of a vibrant community life at ASC.

Get Ready for Action-packed Activities

An fun feature of Spirit Week is the opportunity for residents to try their hand at various activities that are part of the upcoming ASC Senior Games. From “Walk or Roll the Halls” to “Bocce Ball” and “Jeopardy,” there’s something for everyone. These activities not only serve as great practice for the games but also help residents stay active and engaged while discovering new passions or reigniting old ones. Plus, who doesn’t love to showcase their skills and enjoy the competitive spirit!

Beating the Winter Blues with Fun and Fitness

Each day of Spirit Week is carefully curated to balance fun with wellness. Residents can look forward to engaging in two group activities daily, an exercise or fitness component, and of course training for the upcoming ASCSG. The evenings promise relaxation and joy with feel-good movies in the theatre. Special events like performances by a comedian, a magician, and community sing-alongs and outings add to the week’s charm.

Wednesday’s Pep Rally: A Pre-Game Energizer

Mid-week, the energy soars with the much-anticipated Pep Rally. This event is more than a gathering; it’s a spirited celebration aimed at pumping everyone up for the ASC Senior Games. It features sign-up tables for ASCSG sports, introductions of the Chef de Mission and their teams, and a look back at past games through a nostalgic slideshow.

The Highly Anticipated “Pie in the Face” Draw

Adding a dash of humour to the week, the “Pie in the Face” draw stands out as a much-awaited event. Residents earn a hilarious opportunity to throw a whipped cream-filled tin foil plate at a senior management member for every activity they attend. Laughter is guaranteed!

Celebrating Our Chefs de Mission and Volunteers

The heart and soul of the ASC Senior Games are our Chefs de Mission and volunteers. These dedicated team members, selected from our residents, are instrumental in organizing the games and ensuring a memorable experience for all participants. Their passion and commitment are a testament to the spirit of ASC Residences.

Mark Your Calendars for the ASC Senior Games

As Spirit Week concludes, the excitement doesn’t wane but rather shifts towards the upcoming ASC Senior Games, scheduled from February 5th to 9th, 2024. This annual week-long competition transcends the boundaries of a mere sporting event.  Rather it celebrates the importance of community, friendship, skill-building, and active living. Residents, including many centenarians, eagerly participate, showcasing that age is no barrier to living life to the fullest. They wear their medals with pride!

Let’s embrace this week of fun-filled community building, marking the beginning of a year filled with hope, joy, and endless possibilities.

Communities United in Celebration

Two older women with grey hair wearing Seniors Games T-shirts sporting medals
River Ridge I senior athletes are besties, August 2022

Spirit Week at ASC Residences is more than just a series of events; it’s a testament to the vibrancy and enthusiasm of our senior living homes. A beautiful prelude to the 15th Annual ASC Senior Games, it’s an opportunity for residents to bond, engage in healthy competition, and above all, have fun. As we countdown to the Games, we’re reminded of the importance of community, active living, and the joy of participation.

How do our residents embrace friendly competition? They practice, train, and keep physically fit all year round thanks to an active schedule. One of the reasons everyone loves the ASC Senior Games is that friendly competition is fun, challenging, and rewarding.

At All Seniors Care Living Centres, we’re always looking for ways to improve the lives of our residents. Whether that’s competitions like the Seniors Games or exploring the benefits of houseplants and aquariums in suites, we always want to do better. And our residents do, too. That’s why they always bring their best to the ASC Seniors Games.

To find out more about the games or learn more about senior living Regina and any of our residences across Canada, just give us a call or If you want to learn more, drop by today and ask about activities at All Seniors Care Living Centres.




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