Earn Scholarship Support by Volunteering with Seniors


Are you looking for a place where you can volunteer with seniors? All Seniors Care is reinstating its Volunteer Scholarship Programming! Once again, we’ll be providing financial help to our regular student volunteers who donate their time to retirement communities.

Volunteers at retirement residences bring their talents, skills, and energy to brighten the days of seniors, help out, and provide companionship. In return, The All Seniors Care Scholarship aims to give back with financial help for college or university tuition.

How the All Seniors Care Scholarship Works

Eligible participants must be students in high school, college, or university, and volunteer at least 2 hours a week (i.e., in one dedicated program a week) for one full year.

Here’s a breakdown of how much scholarship money you can receive depending on how much you volunteer:

  • 2 hours of volunteering / week: $1000 scholarship
  • 4 hours of volunteering / week: $2000 scholarship
  • 6 hours of volunteering / week: $3000 scholarship

To sign up, visit our Volunteer Here page for more details. There you can pick the residence where you want to volunteer, select your availability, and choose an available opportunity, including:

  • Games assistant
  • Walking Club escort
  • Assistant with outings
  • Special events assistant
  • Friendly Visitor

The Benefits of Volunteering with Seniors

Volunteering at retirement homes for seniors is an excellent way to give back to the community. It’s a chance to foster a unique relationship with senior citizens, learn about their lives and history from a personal perspective, and develop potential skills for later in life.

In addition to helping the community, you’re also helping yourself. Volunteer work makes you a more attractive hire to potential employers; 73% of employers say they look for volunteer experience on a resume.

We Offer Senior Housing Across Canada

With senior housing options across Canada, we provide independent and assisted living that’s close to you. Find out more about some of our retirement residences across the country:

For students and volunteers, all of these residences offer our Volunteer Scholarships Program. If you want to work with seniors, ask about volunteering today.

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