Find New Friends and Inspiration by Joining a Knitting Club


If you love to knit, why not join a knitting club? Joining a knitting club is the ideal way to combine a hobby you’re passionate about with a fun social occasion. You can find new inspiration, meet new friends, knit gifts for family and friends, and give back to the community by knitting for charity.

Making New Friends & Catching Up with Old Ones

Moving into a retirement residence can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of new people and social groups. Joining a knitting club can help you make new friends – or catch up with friends you’ve already made at a new retirement residence and strengthen those bonds. Knitting has always been a social craft that lets you chat away while you craft your next scarf or a pair of socks.

Practicing Your Knitting Skills

It’s always good to stay in practice. Not only will you have ample opportunities to practice your needlework, knitting clubs are also a popular place to find new ideas for your next project. Members frequently trade knitting pattern books and get inspired by each others’ projects. You can also exchange techniques, learning something new or imparting a favourite trick you learned years ago.

You may see a type of yarn you never would have found otherwise that’s just screaming your name and simply have to include it in your next project. All in all, joining a knitting club should ignite your imagination.

Knitting for Charity

There is always huge demand for knitted goods like scarves, hats, and blankets among charity groups and homeless shelters, especially in Canada, where winter can be deadly for those with nowhere to stay. Many knitting groups will pick multiple charities and rotate every few months.

Knitting clubs are a big deal at All Seniors Care Living Centres across Canada. If you are looking for a retirement residence in Alberta with an active knitting club, take a tour and learn about our Auburn Heights location. There are also knitting clubs at retirement residences across Canada.

Knitting is just one of the many activities and clubs you can find at our retirement residences. There are also bridge and cribbage clubs, as well as plenty of ways to get active physically. To find out more, learn about the ASC Games, our annual Seniors Games where residents compete at games like Bocce, billiards, pétanque, shuffleboard, and active Wii games like archery, bowling, and golf.

In addition to the ASC Games, there are always exercise classes going on, including Tai Chi, chair yoga, dance classes, and more; click here to learn about the benefits of low-impact exercises like dancing for seniors.

When you’re looking for a retirement residence, find one that fits your lifestyle. Take a tour and ask plenty of questions about social clubs and activities.

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