A festival inspired by “La Tomatina” in Spain Promises to be a Smash Hit

CANADA – Residents, management, and staff of All Seniors Care Living Centres are happy to announce that their 2022 Tomato and Wine Festival will take place on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 34 retirement communities across the country.

Think of it as “La Tomatina” with a Canadian twist.

“La Tomatina”- the yearly Spanish tomato-throwing festival that attracts tens of thousands to the tiny town of Buñol, Valencia – inspired All Seniors Care to create their own version of “the world’s largest food fight” so that residents in their senior living communities could join the fun.

A much anticipated, senior-friendly simulation will see revellers catapult red beanbags tomatoes at targets made using images of management staff.

“This festival has really been a labour of love”, says Hannah Silver, VP Health & Wellness and one of the architects of the Tomato and Wine Festival. “Seniors at each of our residences planted the seedlings, tended the young plants, and watched them ripen. The most challenging thing was not eating all the tomatoes before the festival! Everyone’s excited.”

A fusion of traditional and non-traditional activities produces the ultimate celebration of the humble fruit. Sip your way through Spain during a travelogue. Join a Chef’s presentation that showcases tomatoes planted and tended by residents. Enjoy Spanish wine and sangria tastings, and live entertainment. Finish the day with a screening of a box office favourite, Fried Green Tomatoes.

The unusual fiesta is expected to bring crowds of residents, ready for some laugher and good times.

For event information, contact Ronna Goldberg 204.232.8495 or rgoldberg@allseniorscare.com

Download the Press Release: Tomato Festival Press Release

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