Fun Activities for When Grandchildren Visit Senior Living Communities


Visiting grandparents in retirement community can be a highlight for both kids and elders. It’s a chance to share stories, laugh together, and create memories.

If you’re worried that visiting a senior living community might not offer much in the way of entertainment for your grandchildren, fear not! We’ve got you covered. A retirement community setting offers a unique backdrop for engaging and enjoyable activities that are perfect for people of all ages – including the grandkids.  From crafting keepsakes to going on a virtual adventure, there are plenty of options that will have your grandchildren asking, “When can we visit again?”

14 Fun Activities for When the Grandkids Visit

As Grandparents Day approaches, many families look forward to celebrating the special bond between older adults and their grandchildren. To make the most of your time together and keep the younger ones entertained, we’ve put together a few ways to enjoy a family visit this Grandparents Day and beyond.

1. Craft Projects

Crafting is a great way to pass the time and explore creativity. Projects like decorating picture frames, making greeting cards, or simple knitting can involve both grandparents and grandchildren. Supplies are usually minimal and often things you can bring from home.  Better yet, have a look at the residence’s Activity Schedule and see whether you can visit during a planned craft time.  Paint a birdhouse, make jewelry with beads, or draw pictures of each other as keepsakes.

2. Walk and Talk with a Twist

A walk outside can be refreshing and offers a good opportunity for open conversations. Going for a walk typically means looking about and taking in the sights – add an entertaining twist to your outing by playing a game of “I Spy” or “20 Questions”.

3. Play Classic Family Games

Classic games like Bingo, Snakes & Ladders, or card games can be both fun and intellectually stimulating. Board games can also connect generations in entertaining and meaningful ways. Life size games like Jenga are great for the very young or old because the pieces are easier to grip.

4. Have A Dance Party

Get the rhythm flowing and have a dance party or karaoke session.  This activity is perfect for grandparents and their grandkids. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it gets everyone up and moving. You don’t even need to be a dancer—just get the music going and bust out your best moves (even if they’re not that great).

Kids will love getting dressed up in their favorite outfits and getting ready for a party. And grandparents will love being able to just relax and enjoy their time with the kiddos. This activity promotes creativity, boosts mood, and allows for moments of laughter and joy.

5. Do Science Experiments

Embark on a scientific journey by conducting simple experiments in your independent or assisted living community. Create homemade volcanoes, make slime, or explore the wonders of magnetism. These hands-on activities can spark curiosity, cultivate a love for learning, and encourage scientific thinking.

6. Create a Musical Connection

Most kids love showing off what they can do. Whether it’s singing a song they learned or a quick dance routine or even just telling a joke, your grandkids will feel special when you ask them to show off their skills. If the grandchildren play musical instruments, a mini concert could be a hit.

This intergenerational activity Is beneficial to all ages, and the enjoyment can be shared by the entire community. Music is a big part of living in an All Seniors Care residence.  Why not invite the grandkids to one of our regular live musical events?

7. Coloring and Drawing

For younger grandchildren, coloring books and paints can be a lifesaver. They are portable and can be spread out on a table in a common area. This Grandparents Day, College Park senior living in Regina will be setting up a colouring table, mask making craft, and even a bubble table!

8. Take a Virtual Trip

If you have a virtual reality (VR) headset or two, bring them along for the visit! With VR, your imagination is the only limit to what you can experience.  While virtual reality technology started as a medium primarily for gaming, its benefits have far exceeded that: you can take a virtual trip, or watch your grandkids play the latest VR fitness game.  It’s a great way to explore the digital world together.

9. Puzzles and Brain Teasers

What word begins and ends with an E but only has one letter?

Engage in some cognitive exercise by working on a jigsaw puzzle or doing some brain teasers together. These activities are low-key and can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Both young and older children will enjoy this entertainment that challenges them to think outside the box.

(The answer is an envelope.)

10. Play Physical Games

All ASC senior living centres have a variety of recreational games like bocce ball, ladder ball, sandbags, and shuffle boards or pool tables. These can be fantastic activities for both physical exercise and intergenerational connection.

11. Swim in the Residence’s Pool

If the facility has a swimming pool, and both the grandchild and grandparent are up for it, a few hours of swimming can be refreshing and fun. Make sure to check the pool’s rules, pack swimwear, towels, and any required pool toys. Always adhere to safety guidelines, especially if the grandparent has mobility challenges or if the child is not a confident swimmer. Check with the residence Health & Wellness Team for Family Swim Times or whether they are hosting a pool party for Grandparent’s Day!

12. Sink Some Balls

Did you know that many ASC communities have an indoor basketball hoop?

Adding recreational activities like basketball or a game of pool can not only keep grandchildren occupied but can also help in forming a deeper connection with their grandparents through shared experiences.  Challenge each other to see who can get the most consecutive shots, share some pointers, and reminisce about games past.

13. Watch Movies Together

A cozy movie afternoon can be a real treat. Bring some popcorn and a selection of movies that both generations will enjoy. For Grandparents Day, most ASC residences will be screening kid-friendly movies in their Theatre.

14. Have Fun at A Local Park

One of the best ways to have fun with your grandchildren is by taking them to a nearby local park. There are lots of activities at parks that can be fun for both you and your grandchild, and it’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. You could go for a walk around the park, play some games, or even take them to the playground!

Visiting Grandparents with Memory Loss

Visiting a grandparent with dementia can seem challenging. However, with proper preparation, the visits can still be rewarding. Adults should prepare children, explaining that dementia makes thinking and remembering difficult for Grandma or Grandpa and honestly answering questions they might have following the visit. To help make the visit successful, ask the primary caregiver what activities your loved one usually enjoys and what time of day is typically best for a visit.

The Benefits of Intergenerational Activities at All Seniors Care

Intergenerational activities offer a wealth of benefits that enrich the lives of both the young and the elderly. For grandparents, spending quality time with younger generations can offer emotional fulfillment, reduce feelings of isolation, and even provide cognitive stimulation. It’s an opportunity for them to pass on wisdom, life lessons, and skills they have acquired over the years. For grandchildren, these interactions offer a sense of continuity and connection to their family roots. Additionally, research has shown that intergenerational interactions can improve mental health for all involved, reduce age-related stereotypes, and contribute to a more integrated, inclusive community.

Grandparents Day offers so many opportunities for connection, fun, and memory-making. At All Seniors Care, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where family bonds are celebrated and nurtured. Our residences in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta are specifically designed to offer a plethora of activities that cater to all age groups, ensuring that your visits are filled with joy and meaning. Don’t just take our word for it—experience it for yourself!

If you’re considering senior living options for your loved ones, or simply want to plan an unforgettable Grandparents Day visit, we invite you to schedule a tour of one of our beautiful buildings. Call us today to book your visit and discover how All Seniors Care is setting the standard in senior living.


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