The 2016 All Seniors Care Seniors Games closed across the country today, as card and board game tournaments were completed, and the Closing Ceremonies were enjoyed by athletes, residents and visitors alike. With players battling it out for medals and bragging rights, the day was full of tension, excitement, cheers and laughter. Plus, more than a few sharks showed up on the floor!

“It’s hard to believe that the week is over. I can’t wait for next year” was the running comment made by numerous athletes from coast to coast. River Ridge Gold Medalist Helga Cychmistruk said – “last year I was a silver medalist and came up in a wheelchair; this year it’s gold and I’m walking up here – God only knows how much better it can get, but I’m sure looking forward to next year! On to 2017!!!!!” The Games are part of the All Seniors Care commitment to providing seniors with innovative ways to develop and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Congratulations to all medalists and participants.

From start to finish, the Games were a resounding success. Athlete John Suave from Cedarcroft Place in Stratford summed the week up nicely when he quipped: “This is the most fun I have had in years, you can feel the excitement in the air every morning when you wake up, and it is all you hear talk about when you are in the dining room for breakfast.”

Congratulations to all medalists and participants.

Across Canada, several thousand seniors will be enjoying the fun, friendly competition and activity that comes from taking part in the Games this week. For further information, please check out all the action at or on Facebook

For More Information Contact:
Joshua Kuhl, Senior Executive Vice-President of Operations, e-mail or call 416.929.1328

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