White gloves, velvet chokers, ruffles, bowler hats, bow ties and bonnets will be the order of the day
as we step back 200 years to explore the writings of Jane Austen. Preparations have begun as
resident silhouettes are being cut, painted and hung on walls for all to enjoy. The entire day, April
14th, 2016, will be dedicated to exploring everything Austen. Resident and Guests will spend the
afternoon enjoying simple parlour games such as writing poetry stanzas or participating in card
games of Whist and Cribbage, playing Billiards or enjoying Archery, one of Jane’s favourite pastimes.
Movie theatres will be alive with the many theatrical productions of Jane’s work; Pride and Prejudice,
Persuasion, Emma and others. Our day will culminate with a formal dinner and dance.
We are also fortunate in Ottawa and Gatineau to be honoured by the presence of members of the
Canadian Armed Forces. These military representatives will participate in the afternoon parlour
games before members of the Military Band perform for our residents and guests while they enjoy
dinner and dancing. Join us as we explore the world of Jane Austen as the characters in her novels
come alive and we discover the fantastic stories that were her genius.
At All Seniors Care Living Centres, we are committed to the belief that whether as a participant or a
spectator being involved is crucial for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. The National Events
which take place on the same date across the country are thoughtful, engaging programs for our
residents, and offered to the community at large.
Event Contact Information
Please e-mail Ronna Goldberg rgoldberg@allseniorscare.com or call 204.232.8495.
About All Seniors Care Living Centres Ltd.:
All Seniors Care, where caring is our number one concern, has become the new standard of
excellence in luxury retirement living. Founded on an unwavering commitment to exceptional care,
All Seniors Care is dedicated to creating and operating the best senior’s facilities, and providing the
best care to seniors. For more information, please visit our website at www.allseniorscare.com.
Facility Contact Information
For more information please e-mail Joshua Kuhl jkuhl@allseniorscare.com or call 416.929.1328.

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