Learning a Brand-New Skill Is Excellent for Your Health


We Can Build It Workshops Are Here


Are you excited about trying new things? Do you feel like you’re handy with a hammer and a screwdriver? Do you want to learn a new skill? Then, you’re in luck. In 2020, All Seniors Care is starting monthly workshops that you can sign up for and enjoy.  


We Can Build It Workshops 

Every month, the maintenance person at your independent living retirement community will run a workshop showcasing their special skills. These will be replacing the “Taste Of” events for 2020. You could learn how to build a chair, make a birdhouse, or fix a lamp. These are just some of the ideas for the upcoming workshops. 


The first workshop is happening on February 11th. So, mark your calendars and make sure to clear your plans. Now, you can learn how to do something you’ve always wanted to try before, but you either didn’t have the time, the tools, or the knowledge to do it. 


Why Should You Sign up for a Workshop?

You know that you need to exercise to get better muscles. When you work out regularly, those muscles get bigger and stronger. And when you stop, those muscles lose their size and strength, and eventually, they suffer from atrophy. Suddenly, doing things that require your muscles, like lifting heavy boxes, are much harder than they should be. 


Think of your brain like a muscle. When you don’t work it out, it doesn’t develop, and eventually, it will make everyday tasks more challenging than they should be. But how do you exercise the brain? Take part in activities that increase your brain function. Learn new things. Challenge yourself. 


Once you exercise the brain, you’ll start to see impressive results. Research shows that learning new skills will improve your brain function in the long-term. It can sharpen your memory, your attention to detail, and your concentration. And it will decrease your chances of developing conditions like dementia. 


Joining a class to learn a new skill is also a great way to be social and make new friends. Regular social interaction is good for your mental and physical health. It reduces your chances of depression and anxiety, and it increases your likelihood of feeling generally happy and satisfied.  


Join in on the Fun

Other than signing up for “We Can Build It” Workshops, there are plenty of other activities to keep mentally active and to broaden your horizons available at our facilities. You can learn Tai Chi, take dance lessons, take aqua aerobics, or try your hand at gardening. Click here to see what activities and events you can join in our Ottawa retirement homes, senior care homes in Regina, Calgary retirement home, and our Winnipeg retirement community


Don’t believe in the saying: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Getting older does not mean you can’t learn new things, and the research proves that trying out those new tricks is incredible for your health. So, sign up for workshops and get ready to master a completely different skill. You might surprise yourself.

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