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All Seniors Care asked some outstanding mothers for their thoughts on the celebration.

“Mother’s Day is a special, wonderful day for children to honour the maternal bond.  To express respect, honour, and appreciation for their mother.  The mother is the diamond of the family”, says Terry.

With her gentle humour and ready laugh, Terry, a resident at MacTaggart Place, knows a thing or two about mothering.

“My family consisted of 12 members, including myself.  I had 7 brothers and 4 sisters; I am the youngest of my sisters.  My parents had their moments with all of us kids; but we grew up with love for each other and respect for our parents. In other words, we were a close-knit family. “

Terry attributes much of the closeness to her own mother.  Her parents made sure that all their children were involved in sports, the community, and that they all got a good education, including college or university.  “It’s a credit to the parents when the siblings are close”, she says.

“When I was 21, the love bug bit me”, warbled Terry, “and I got married to a great man. We raised 2 children, educated them, and they too got married and gave us 3 grandchildren who we adored and treasured very deeply.  Now these grandchildren are married and they each have two children. That makes me a great-grandmother – they call me Gigi for short and not to get mixed up with their grandmother. These little ones range from 4-12 year of age.  They bring us so much joy and pride.”

At 90 years of age, Terry has seen her fair share of change. Growing up on a farm in a small Saskatchewan community of 200 people, she and her siblings had chores by the dozen, before and after school.  There was no electricity when she was a girl – they had coal and wood stoves and had to carry their water.

Today, this plucky woman uses email to stay in touch with her family.

“I have one brother left who lives in Victoria, BC,” she says. “We correspond via email.  You can do a lot on the computer!”

Why Celebrate Mother’s Day?

“Being a mother is a great responsibility.”

“I’ve been a mother for too long to think that this is a foolish day.  I think mothers should be recognized because the world could not go round without mothers,” says Terry, decidedly.

Described as a very caring and loving mother, Terry explains that being a mother is magical – an experience filled with pride and joy.  “It’s the greatest achievement in life”, she says. “In one way or another, Mother’s Day is every day to a child.”

If you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate this special day, Terry has some advice.

Homemade cards and gifts mean more than bought.  “I always looked forward to them as my children put so much effort, time, and love into them.  I loved all the gifts they made, whether at home, in school, in Brownies, Girl Guides, or Boy Scouts.”

But there was one year that stands out as the exception.

“I’ll always remember when they asked their dad to take them to the jewelry store as they wanted me to have a special family ring with all our birthstones mounted in the ring.  I still treasure that ring and wear it every Mother’s Day.”

Coping with Covid-19

Lady with flower

Terry describes her time in lockdown as well-spent.

“I’m not bored.  I’m busy!”, she says.  Terry has kept everything gleaned during the pandemic – all the letters and notes, all the activities and crafts offered by the resident Activity Director.  “I’m making a book for my great-grandchildren, so that someday that they know what we went through during the pandemic.”

A big fan of history and historical novels (she’s read 12 books in the last 4 weeks), Terry and her brother have collaborated via email to create a family tree and write a family history.

While it breaks her heart not to see her daughter, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, she’s hopeful that they will all visit this Mother’s Day. “They can book a one-hour appointment – it’s difficult not seeing your family when you’re so close.” Thankfully, Terry’s son lives close by and visits whenever possible.

For those who are not able to see family during the pandemic, Terry has some advice:

  • Remember that there’s still life going on in the world.
  • There’s still a lot of love in the world.
  • Things will change eventually.
  • Look for the best, not the worst in life.
  • Speak to your children on the phone and don’t get depressed.
  • Put on some nice clothes and do your make-up.
  • Have respect for yourself and pride as a mother.

The Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

A resident at the All Seniors Care retirement community since Nov 2019, Terry loves it.

“I love the activities, there are nurses here 24 hr a day, an in-doctor if we need a doctor.  It’s an all-around good place for people my age!”

The days go quickly with all the activities, even during a pandemic.  “We’re safe here!  Everyone is so careful and mindful of our well-being.  They take our safety seriously”.

To make it a Mother’s Day to remember, All Seniors Care has carefully planned a national event – the Love You Forever Mother’s Day Tea – packed with pageantry.  Read all about it here.

Whether at a residence in AlbertaManitobaOntarioSaskatchewan, or Quebec this Mother’s Day, you can expect a great day filled with activities and delicious food, so don’t miss out!


Editor and Writer:   Julianna McLeod



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