Health and wellness teams host an exciting educational program that offers exceptional learning experiences at All Seniors Care retirement communities across the county.

CANADA – A wave of excitement is bubbling for the April 8th, 2022, national event that focuses on being “Endlessly Curious” and intends to bring the greatest of all trips to its residents, at home. The All Seniors Care retirement communities will escape the lingering winter chill by going on an intellectual getaway featuring delicious food, music, and unique experiences.

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Which helps you sleep better – laughter or activity? We’re helping our residents understand how lifelong learning stimulates greater neuron generation and connection in the brain,” says Hannah Silver, Vice President of Health and Wellness. “At All Seniors Care, we seek to create engaging programming that allows our seniors to age actively. Our themed days are one of the many ways we create opportunities for our residents to live a life with purpose.”

Each residence participates in the event using a holistic approach that features physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and community engagement for seniors in independent living, assisted living or memory care. The immersive day of discovery includes:

  • Importance of sleep educational presentation with your RN.
  • Prolong laughter and stimulate your brain with laughter yoga.
  • Get physical and learn to shoot a puck with a professional hockey player.
  • Learn the role that string instruments play in an orchestra before settling in for a concert.
  • Discover Bach and the culinary history of Germany, then enjoy some Black Forest Cake and wine.
  • A day of crafts, riddles, and documentaries.

Get Endlessly Curious with us on April 8th, 2022, as we go on an Educational Getaway that is guaranteed to wring every bit of richness and meaning out of our experiences.

For event information, contact Ronna Goldberg 204.232.8495 or

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