Compete with the power of a smile. All Seniors Care begins its 6th Annual Games.

To open The Games, Day 1 got underway with a spirited, non-competitive Walk and Roll of the hallways. Then the Chefs du Mission in each building read letters of congratulations from Canadian Governor General David Johnston, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  All then joined in a Toast to The Games and the power of a smile. The Games were then officially opened and a ceremonial throwing of the Bocce ball by all visiting dignitaries. Many celebrities and dignitaries volunteered their time to help make the event a success. From Winnipeg’s new Mayor, Brian Bowman, to Alberta’s Associate Minister of Persons with Disabilities, Naresh Bhardwaj, to Colonel Daniel Vermeersch, Commandant Officier des Forces Armées canadiennes à Ottawa, greetings, support and well wishes were given throughout the day. Too many to name they included: City Councilors in all cities; Mayors; Members of Provincial Legislatures; Members of Parliament; Radio and TV hosts; and Professional Athletes the support that was shown to our athletes and participants was awe inspiring. All of the dignitaries who gave of their time to help us were greeted with cheers and appreciation.

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