A wave of heartfelt gratitude will sweep through the All Seniors Care Residences this week, as buildings host many exciting Volunteer Appreciation events; with this year’s special theme being, “Did anyone tell you today, you’re terrific!”

In Manitoba alone, over 350 volunteers are being celebrated by staff and tenants alike. From the youngest at 13, to the eldest in her 90s, each volunteer at every residence will be reminded how terrific they are. Among the many acknowledgements, special recognition will be given to those who have volunteered at an All Seniors Care Residence for more than five years.

Volunteerism is an essential element for healthy communities, and All Seniors Care actively supports and greatly encourages it in all of its beautiful residences; especially since a family-like atmosphere is one of the hallmarks of an All Seniors Care community. “It’s so nice to see so many young people come out and give of their time the way they do,” is how one tenant at Sturgeon Creek I describes her appreciation of the volunteers.

“We try continuously, but especially during National Volunteer Week, to acknowledge, thank, and appreciate the many individuals who contribute their time, talent and skills in our residences,” states Heather Mutcheson, Vice President of Manitoba Region for All Seniors Care. “Our seniors experience greater social interaction through the sharing of wisdom, values, experiences and resources with our volunteers.”

Anyone committed to volunteer service to seniors is always valued and appreciated in an All Seniors Care building. “The list of opportunities is endless!” adds Anna Dell’Acqua, Regional Volunteer Coordinator. “Computer coaches, pet walkers, entertainers, readers, bocce score keepers, Wii games assistants, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy…and our tenants really appreciate it.”

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