Artist Iljuwas Bill Reid’s to be celebrated during a national event that explores Indigenous ways of seeing and making art.

CANADA – In 1988, Bill Reid said, “Joy is a well-made object, equaled only by the joy of making it”. On October 21, 2021, All Seniors Care residences will honour the acclaimed master goldsmith, carver, sculptor, writer, and community activist with an event that engages residents in the traditions of Haida art and heritage.

At a time when reconciliation is in the spot-light, residents will explore the legacy of Reid’s work.  “He reintroduced Haida art in a classical form to the world, and through that, bridged cultures,” says Ronna Goldberg Regional Event Planner, Community Engagement at All Seniors Care Living Centres.  “Everyone is excited to learn about this most significant artist and immerse themselves in Indigenous culture.”

Leading up to the event, residents will collaborate on their own art project – the adornment of a replica of the magnificent and haunting totem poles of the Northwest Coast.  After the totem unveiling, the day will be enhanced through several educational activities, including: learning Haida words and dice games to stimulate cognition; a lunch featuring Indigenous cuisine; and, a dance or drumming presentation.

Residents will also virtually cycle through Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver, an area rooted in Indigenous history, using specially adapted exercise bikes.  In a unique experience that creates the sensation of being “right there”, the virtual technology encourages older people and people with cognitive decline to take part in a sport while seeing the world and sharing stories about their life experiences.

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