Amazing Canada Day Celebrations That Happened This Year


Canada Day may have been a little different this year, but “different” doesn’t mean uneventful. Take a look at the exciting celebrations that took place at All Seniors Care and elsewhere, despite all of the obstacles in the way.

The History of Canada Day

The national holiday wasn’t always called “Canada Day.” When the celebration first started in 1879, it was called Dominion Day. The day was celebrated by a small group of citizens since many still thought of themselves as British. It caught on over time, growing in popularity over the years. In 1946, it was renamed “Canada Day.” Now, millions of citizens take the day off work on July 1st and celebrate with their friends and family.

The average Canada Day bash takes place outdoors, with a backyard barbeque or picnic in the park. Usually, the event stretches into the night, ending with a fireworks display. Some cities and towns host patriotic parades and festivals where local politicians, musicians and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police walk past cheering crowds.

What Did People Do for This Canada Day?

COVID-19 certainly made celebrating Canada Day a challenge. Since health officials are still recommending that citizens avoid crowded events, parades and festivals have been on hold for most of 2020 — this includes Canada Day festivities. The most patriotic thing for leaders to do is making sure citizens stay healthy and safe.

But, this obstacle doesn’t mean that the holiday went uncelebrated. The federal government set up virtual Canada Day events for people to enjoy while physical distancing in the comfort of their own residence. While they couldn’t attend packed concerts in-person, they could watch performances from national superstars like Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan. They even included a virtual firework show.

Cities around the country also planned their own virtual events to entertain locals, while encouraging them to stay away from crowds and closed public areas.


What Did All Seniors Care Do for Canada Day?

It was an exhilarating time at All Seniors Care. Despite the restrictions of COVID-19, our communities managed to find a great way to celebrate and get in the Canadian spirit. The residences embraced the holiday with a Captain Canuck SuperHero theme.

You may have heard of Captain America, but have you heard of the incredible Captain Canuck? This hero first hit comic book pages in the 1970s, donning a maple leaf costume and sporting superhuman strength. The first incarnation of the character didn’t last long, but Captain Canuck has recently seen a revival with the book publisher Chapterhouse.

All Seniors Care homes also had a pet parade. If you can’t go to a packed parade full of people, the best solution is to have a parade with adorable animals. Click here to see how we celebrate Canada Day at our residences or look up the event photos that we posted on our social media pages.


Summer at All Seniors Care

Canada Day isn’t the only celebration that our senior living homes have in store this summer. There are plenty of other events and activities that residents will be able to enjoy. Click here to see how you can follow suit and celebrate summer before the season ends, and the warm, sunny weather disappears. Our blog is filled with wonderful ideas that you can try out on your own, whether you live in a senior community or on your own.

If you’re interested in joining a senior community or encouraging a relative to join, you should explore our website. You can find out more information about retirement homes in Hamilton, Lakeridge Heights and much more with just a click of a button. You can contact us anytime to ask us questions or get any additional details that you can’t find online.

A problem like COVID-19 couldn’t dampen the spirit of Canada Day. As you can see, Canadians still found ways to celebrate their national pride this year.

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