Indoor Activities that Will Keep You Going through Winter


As the thermometer drops, no one wants to go outside any more. If you’re the type who loves to stay warm and cozy inside all winter long, you know that the long Canadian winters can quickly inspire cabin fever. It can also be a challenge staying active when you spend most of your time staying indoors.

Winter can be an extremely isolating experience for seniors, and not just because of the cold. Icy, unplowed sidewalks can make it too dangerous to get around, and so they wind up staying inside.

Staying Social in Active Seniors Communities

One of the great things about living in active seniors communities is how it helps prevent social isolation. When you share community spaces with your neighbours, the winter isn’t so hard to get through.

At All Seniors Care Living Centres, we also make sure there’s plenty to do all winter long without having to go outdoors. If you want to know how our residents stay active and healthy, visit your local All Seniors Care Living Centre this winter.

Indoor Activity Ideas for the Winter

#1 Bridge Groups

Not only is bridge an excellent way to pass a snowy day, it’s also a form of mental gymnastics that can help keep your memory sharp and even boost your immune system.

#2 Knitting Groups

Getting together to share a hobby is one of the best ways to stay social when it’s hard to get outside.

#3 Baking

Whether it’s in preparation for the holidays or just to make a nice warm snack when the weather is frightful, there’s no better time to try baking new things (or old favourites) than the winter-time.

#4 Water Aerobics

Staying fit and active is a challenge for anyone over the cold months. Water aerobics are a good workout for seniors who need to minimize impact on their joints.

#6 Chair Yoga

This is a low-impact workout that will help you stay limber and balanced.

#7 Pet Therapy

Visits from therapy pets always bring warmth and joy. Pet therapy has a proven positive affect on mood, which can suffer because of the lack of sunlight in the winter.

#8 Intergenerational Programs with School Kids

Intergenerational programs have benefits for both seniors and kids. These programs pair up school kids with seniors to play games, talk, and learn from one another across a big generational divide.

#9 Memory Games

One of the many tips for keeping your memory sharp is participating in memory games. These are exercises that flex your brain muscles and keep you sharp. All of our buildings participate in a brain-flexing challenge.

#10 Hall Walks

Gear up for the annual ASC Games with hall walks. Every year, All Seniors Care Living Centres kick off the ASC Games with a ceremonial hall walk. Keep moving whatever the weather!

Moving to Seniors Housing in Winnipeg

It’s can be tough knowing when it’s time to move into seniors housing. Our seniors living communities, including River Ridge II in Winnipeg, make it possible to transition from independent to assisted living and can make that choice easier. If a relative has been struggling with winter isolation, it may be time to investigate housing options in Winnipeg for your loved ones.

Come take a tour and see if senior living is right for you or someone in your family!

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