Staying Healthy During Covid-19


Amidst the uncertainty associated with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, All Seniors Care Living Centres are working diligently to follow Public Health Agency of Canada recommendations and keep residents in our independent senior living facilities safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Tips To Maintain Wellness


While self-isolation measures are necessary, bodies and minds still need exercise to function well, reduce restlessness, and keep the spirits up.  Whether you prefer independent or group activity, here are some suggestions to keep you active and engaged:

Walking is one of the best and most accessible forms of exercise.  Take a stroll on your own join in a walking group (keeping in mind that safety measures dictate all groups are limited to 5 people or less, spaced 2 meters apart).

Hallway exercise is all the rage!  Balance training, yoga, weight exercises, bowling, and golfing help seniors stay fit and improve balance, flexibility, core strength, and overall mobility.  For those who are not able to participate in group programming, exercise booklets, as well as any needed equipment, will be brought to your room.  Another option is to use one of the many instructional videos found on-line.

Love to dance?  From line dancing on balconies to tik tok, we’ve got you covered.  Dancing is a fun, low-impact way to exercise and boost endurance during long days of social distancing. As an added benefit, listening to music while dancing may even encourage a pleasant “walk” down memory lane.

Stimulate Your Brain

To help you pass the time inside, we are distributing playing cards, board games, puzzles, or brain teasers. Ask us about arts and crafts supplies like knitting or crocheting, painting, or colouring.  Not only will these activities help time fly by, but they will also stimulate cognitive health, boost immune function, and help you to maintain dexterity.


Take Care of Your Mental Health

At All Seniors Care, we’re mindful of the potentially negative impact that this pandemic can have on mental health.  We want to know how you’re doing and our staff are always available for one-to-one chats. Every Monday, we distribute a new skills sheet to help you deal with anxiety and depression while in isolation: relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and coping skills are a priority today and every day.

Stay connected.

With familyAlthough in quarantine, with technology like social media and FaceTime, it is easier than ever to see those you love at a distance. Ask staff to help you use your phone, laptop, or tablet to call family and friends.

With friends Socialize at a distance!  All residences have a treat or Happy Hour cart to spice up your life and let you maintain friendships at home.

It is important to know that residents at All Seniors Care Living Centres are never alone.  Staff are always on hand and ready to help reduce risk of disease, promote independence, increase well-being, and maintain quality of life. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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