Summer Camp Is Where Memories Are Built


When it smells like summer outside, countless Canadians dream about their first day of camp.  Summer camp, whether it was magical, awkward, fun, or something else entirely, forms strong memories and holds a space in our hearts.

After the enthusiastic response to the first ASC Summer Camp in 2019 – and feeling nostalgic for our own experiences of camp – All Seniors Care has planned an incredible three days packed full of inspiring summer fun to help residents “keep calm and s’more on”.

Excitement has been mounting since July, when residences and residents were asked to choose a camp mascot they thought was most representative of their collective personality.  Competition was fierce!  The mascots, ranging from cute to crazy and back to adorable, are more than just a lucky charm – they are also a reminder to campers that they have to maintain distance at this year’s camp.


So, grab your buddy and bug juice, cozy up to the campfire, and join us for a preview of all the exciting themed activities we have planned for this year!  And don’t forget – keep an eye out for #ASCSummerCamp on social media.  We’ll be posting pictures of the hilarity from Opening Day on August 18th to Closing Ceremonies on the 20th!

Opening Day

Taking a page out of Italy’s annual Ferragosto Festival, residents will dress in red, white, and green as they start the day with a Sit & Stretch Exercise group, followed by a game of Pétanque Atout, a close cousin of bocce ball. In keeping with the ancient holiday that goes back to the reign of Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus, other activities include: a traditional Italian lunch, art demonstration, and even an accordion player to serenade residents as they relax in the afternoon sun.  The day is rounded out with the always compulsory, and spooky, ghost stories around a camp fire!

Country and Western Day

Get out your bandana and watch the sunrise with Zumba!  This, of course, is just a warm-up for a hootenanny of day!  After enjoying grub that would make a cowboy and girl jealous, a conductor shares his secrets with all who care to pull up a chair.   In the afternoon, join in a game of ladder golf (legend says it used to be played with rattle snakes), then grab a partner and kick up your heals at our Country and Western Dance!!

Kentucky Derby Day

The final day of camp will start with a Sunrise Yoga class to energize residents for a full day of fun and competition inspired by the Kentucky Derby.  Be sure to put on your best Kentucky Derby hat in celebration of a beloved tradition from the American South.

Interesting fact: Usually held on the first Saturday of May, Covid-19 has pushed Derby organizers to postpone the race until September this year. The only other time the Kentucky Derby has been postponed was in 1945, during WWII.

In true Derby fashion, camp-goers will retire to the shade mid-afternoon to sip mint julips (virgin, of course) while speaking to a local community leader about issues specific to seniors. Afterwards, residents are invited to join in on the physically distanced fun: a medal ceremony, the short story completion activity, and a sing along.

This is just a taste of the goings-on at ASC Summer Camp. Residents will also get to see incredible speakers and performances. Chefs will make specialty menus – the event may be inspired by childhood days spent in cabins and exploring the outdoors, but the food won’t be.

To follow our summer camp adventures on social media find us with #ASCSummerCamp.  If you’re off on your own adventures, tag us so that our seniors can join in the virtual fun!

Summer Camps for Adults:

Are you surprised by a summer camp that isn’t for kids? The idea is growing in popularity. There have been lots of summer camps for adults popping up in recent years. These camps give adults an opportunity to get out of their comfort zones, learn new skills, and make friends with like-minded people. It’s also an easy way to embrace nostalgia. People can relive memories of sitting in front of a campfire, exploring the wilderness and singing songs under the stars.

Why should kids get to have all the fun? There’s no reason why you can’t go to camp, too.

More at All Seniors Care:

Summer Camp isn’t the only seasonal event that our senior living communities host. We have annual events like the ASC Games to entertain our residents and boost morale when the weather is rough. You can click here to see the latest news and events that are coming up and mark your calendar. There’s always something exciting on the horizon.

We always focus on the enjoyment and entertainment of our residents. We want to make sure to give them more than a place to stay — it’s a place to live. That’s why we organize so many special events, workshops and activities. Look through our blog and social media pages to see what we’ve already done this year. Click here to see how we celebrated the start of summer with a fantastic party. Go further back to see what we did for Canada Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day and more.

There are plenty of other ways that we are redefining senior living and making retirement more enjoyable. If you’re interested in joining one of our homes or suggesting that someone you know join us, you should click here to get more details about our Hamilton residences and other seniors residences near you.

You don’t have to just reminisce about the days of summer camp with new friends, warm sunshine and outdoor games. You can still live it! Come to ASC and bring those memories back to life.

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