What All Seniors Care Is Doing for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is almost here. This year, take the opportunity to go above and beyond for the holiday. Instead of cooking the father in your life a simple breakfast in bed or a sending him a sweet card, throw him a fantastic theme party.

Celebrating Father’s Day at All Seniors Care:

All Seniors Care is going all out this year in honour of Father’s Day. The senior residences are preparing celebrations in the style of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby. The classic featured elaborate parties with glamorous outfits, fast dancing, and music. It’s been a century since the book has been published, and readers are still inspired to don their nicest outfits and party like it’s 1920. All the fathers at All Seniors Care homes can feel like they’ve walked into the middle of a Jay Gatsby event, without having to travel all the way to West Egg. Most of our parties will be highlighted with a grand entrance parade of famous vintage cars & concert. Fathers at the residence will also be fashioned in boutonnières and fedoras. We’re also serving lemon desserts and bubbly described  in The Great Gatsby party, complete with jazz and live entertainment. Hallways will be filled with images of our resident dads as they make headlines with their photo displayed on the Front-Page News. Activities such as crossword puzzles with the Gatsby theme will surely add to the entertainment and extravaganza! It’s going to be a great day!

Click the links for the Chapel Hill retirement residences, the Cité Parkway Retirement Residence, and the other Ontario residences to learn more updates. You can also follow us on social media and read our blog posts to find out about news and events. For instance, you can see how we’re sharing the love with the armed forces, police, and non-profits that have touched the community.


How Can You Throw a Great Gatsby Party?

If your father lives with you, you can follow All Seniors Care’s footsteps and throw him a Great Gatsby party, too. It’s an especially good idea if he’s a fan of the books or movie adaptations.

Start with the food and drinks. Focus on bite-sized appetizers like mini quiche, deviled eggs, and stuffed olives. Have small desserts like French macarons, cups of chocolate mousse, and truffles. Don’t hold back on the presentation. For drinks, you can whip up some prohibition-era cocktails or open up a chilled bottle of champagne. Mocktails and sparkling cider are great non-alcoholic replacements.

As for entertainment, you should put on your dancing shoes and play music from the era. Watch tutorials on how to do dance moves from the time like The Charleston or The Foxtrot. It will be a fun activity, even if you have two left feet.

Father’s Day from a Distance:

Having a party is difficult when you’re social distancing, but it’s not impossible. There are still ways that you can make him feel like he’s stepped inside the American classic. Host a virtual party through a video conference app. Encourage guests to dress to the nines and show off their best impression of a 1920s flapper or dapper gentleman. You may not be able to share your treats or cocktails, but you’ll still be able to share wonderful conversation.

If you’re nearby your father’s house, you can also deliver all of the theme party essentials to him before the event. Leave a box filled with cocktail ingredients, treats, and party favours on his front porch. You can even add a copy of the book for good measure.

A Great Gatsby theme night will turn a regular Father’s Day into a celebration filled with glitz, glamour, and excitement. Grab your confetti and the champagne and get ready to throw him a party that he’ll never forget.


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