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How to Keep Everyone Healthy and Safe


In the time of COVID-19, support is a two-way street. One group can’t take precautions while the other one ignores them. Everyone has to work together to keep each other healthy and safe. Read ahead to see how you can do your part:


According to health experts, seniors are one of the vulnerable populations for COVID-19 — this means that they are more at risk for catching it and developing serious symptoms. Seniors are also more likely to have underlying medical conditions and immune system issues, making a recovery from infection far more difficult. That is why residents of senior communities need to follow recommended safety measures to lower their risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to others in the vicinity.

What are the safety measures?

Social Distancing

Social distancing, also known as physical distancing, means reducing your interactions with other people so that you limit the chances of infection. This means staying at home as much as possible and staying away from people that you don’t live with. Residents of senior living facilities should stay there, only leaving for crucial situations — for instance, hospital visits.

Face Masks

Covering your nose and mouth with a fabric mask is a very effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, along with other airborne viruses. Instead of using a disposable N-95 mask, get reusable cloth masks that you can wash and wear throughout the week. If you can sew, you make your own face mask out of spare fabric or an old cotton shirt. You should wear a mask anytime you have to leave your home or room.

Staying Healthy

Anyone who is a part of a vulnerable population should prioritize staying healthy and taking care of themselves right now. Doing this could make you less likely to contract a virus and make it easier to recover. Continue to eat a well-balanced diet, take your prescribed medications, exercise daily and get enough sleep. Click the link to get a better idea about the importance of a good night sleep when it comes to your physical health.

Click the link to read more tips to help you protect yourself and others from COVID-19.


Family members and friends of residents should be following the same precautions, even as the government opens more businesses and areas to the public. Wear a mask when you go out. Avoid crowds and unnecessary trips. Try your best to stay in good health.

At the moment, you will not be able to safely meet with residents directly. If you want to stop by, you are encouraged to wave hello or hold up signs outside building entrances. You’re also encouraged to contact residents in ways that don’t put them at risk:

  • Call them on the phone
  • Use video chat or video conferencing apps
  • Connect through online games
  • Send them photos, messages and videos on social media
  • Send them cards, letters and presents through the mail

Physical and social distancing can feel isolating. Many people are throwing caution to the wind because they are bored with staying at home or missing close human interaction. Stay strong and avoid this risky behaviour.

What Our Staff Is Doing:

You may be wondering what the staff is doing to guarantee that residents are healthy and safe. Management and staff members are following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, Public Health Agency of Canada and other health experts to appropriately respond to the presence of COVID-19.

All of our senior living homes are carefully controlling their building access, restricting the entrance to residents, staff and essential visitors. Essential visitors are thoroughly screened before gaining approval. If a visitor is deemed non-essential, they will be denied access and asked to communicate with residents in another format.

Click here to see all of the other steps that All Seniors Care Living Centres are following at this time.

When residents, visitors and staff members all put their best efforts to preventing the spread of COVID-19, there is a very good chance that everyone will be safe. After all, we’re all in this together.

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